Earthquake magnitude 7.8 hits Alaska

A strong earthquake measuring 7.8 hit the Alaska state of America on Tuesday at 11.12 PST. However, no casualties were reported.


A strong 7.8 earthquake hit the Alaska Peninsula on Tuesday at 11.12 PST. The epicentre was 60 miles(96kms) south south east of Perryville . It was infact felt as far away as Anchorage. A warning for Tsunami was issued for South Alaska, the Alaska Peninsula and the Aleutian Islands.The tsunami warning resulted in residents taking refuge in high level grounds.

“No reports of any damage,” Kodiak Police Sgt. Mike Sorter told The Associated Press early Wednesday morning. “No injuries were reported. Everything is nominal.”

The earthquake was followed by aftershocks, with the strongest one being of the magnitude 5.7. So, far no casualties have been reported. However, strong jolts were felt evenĀ 500 miles away in the Anchorage area, as stated by Alaska state seismologist.

Alaskan earthquake

The Alaska earthquake is a result of two tectonic plates converging at a point, as was confirmed by seismologists. Alaska is part Pacific Ring of Fire, a zone which is prone to earthquakes.

The Pacific Tectonic Plate move northward at a couple of inches every year. This plate goes under the North American Plate. As a result these plates converge together which might get ruptured in the event of a strong earthquake. This rupture can extend upto 10s to 100s of miles long. For this particular earthquake evidence suggests that this earthquake has ruptured a length of 100 miles of the joined plates.

In March 1964, the US state was hit by an earthquake measuring 9.2 on the Richter’s scale. This was the strongest earthquake to be ever recorded in North America. It led to wide destruction in Anchorage and caused a tsunami along the Gulf of Alaska, the US west coast, and Hawaii.

Reportedly 250 people were killed by that earthquake and the tsunami resulting from it.

The year 2020 has been quite tough on the people around the world. Mother nature seems to be furious with mankind. Lets all pray together that there are no further calamities in this year.

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