Since the start of lock down ,all over the world ,Lebanon has been affected critically as the economy hits its down. And people have started revolting against the government and trying to pressure government into shutting down the social distancing .

Meanwhile, a man has also died in Lebanese. The city of Tripoli where there was a overnight clashes between soldiers and protesters. The protesters are extremely angered over the country’s worsening economic situation .The army also reported that the  sabotages infiltrated the protest and clashed sparks for a mass fight . Where the grenade was thrown at the patrol in which 30 people were injured and 1 died later.

Reportedly, the national news agency has also reported that peace has been restored after the massive blaze. People have also been setting fire to vehicles , robbing banks and ATMs during the protest. While the Lebanon economic crisis began in October and protest have been going on since . The currency have collapsed as compared to $US and prices have been soaring high.

Banks have been a regular target of the angry mob in the angst of economy . People have taken onto streets to demand a review of the entire political system of Lebanon. Thus blaming the government in affecting the economy further. While last week Lebanese government also eased down the lock down restriction. Which were imposed on the country due to ongoing pandemic COVID19.

Prime Minister Hassan Diab addressed in his interview that country will not be paying the due debt of $1.2 billion. The debt has become bigger than the country can bear . The Lebanon pound has been decreasing in value for months. Banks are refusing to covert local currency into dollar leading to economy wars.

It is also said that more than 40% of the population would soon be in poverty. Lebanon has become the third most indebt country . In October , anti-government had also come onto streets to protest for unemployment , corruption and poor public services .

While Lebanon is heavily indebt ,a rescue deal from the IMF (international monetary fund) can save the economy and stabilize the situation in the country.

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