Why the ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S’ Series remains to be a classic

‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S’ is an American television sitcom series which started airing on NBC in the year 1994. It went for about ten seasons until the final episode was aired in the year 2004. It was created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman.

The series followed the lives of six friends who resided in the city of Manhattan .How each goes through an individual journey shaping up their lives. The sitcom remains to be a classic even today, after so many years after airing of the finale episode. It portrays relationships and life incidences in a manner that the audience can relate to:

  • The relationship amongst siblings

Ross Geller and Monica Geller are biological siblings who share a beautiful bond. They make sure of always having each other’s back and sharing secrets without judging each other. They are also together in their silly moves, even if it takes it to be dancing stupidly on a public platform. That is a sort of relation each one aspires to have with their siblings. Even Phoebe and Frank Jr., who meet very late in their lives, are able to develop a bond. Which was so strong that Phoebe takes the huge step of acting as a surrogate for carrying her brother’s children.

  • The friends in the series are somewhat relatable to the friends one has in real life

While one thinks of the characters in the sitcom, they are many times able to relate it to acquaintances in their own lives. Almost every group of friends has a sarcastic one like Chandler, a weird one like Phoebe, a control-freak like Monica. Also a carefree one like Rachel, a geek like Ross and one who never has the slightest ideas of anything like Joey. It is hence very easy to relate to them and enjoy their connect.

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  • The impeccable cast and their chemistries

The show boasts of a great cast with each actor performing their roles just as a right fit. The chemistries between them do not seem forced and a vibe of ease persists between the characters which can be felt by the audience.

  • The vulnerability of the characters

The characters in the show are shown as people, which the audience can relate to, having their own vulnerabilities and weaknesses. Ross is divorced in the show multiple times while Chandler belongs to a broken home. The characters have not been portrayed as perfect but flawed which make them relatable.

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