Elf 2 Won’t Happen: As It’s Not All Okay Between Ferrell & Jon Favreau

Elf 2 Won’t Happen This Christmas

Elf  2 won’t happen as the actor and director of the did not get along. This is one of the best Christmas movie and Ferrell with his amazing flowless performance just own the movie. The earlier season was directed by Jon Favreau and seems it was never too good between Ferrell & Jon Favreau.

Ferrell opens up recently in an interview about the possibility of Elf season 2. By his statement, it is pretty cleared that the actor is not at all in a mood to reshoot with the director again. Elf is going to be a stand-alone movie of Christmas.

Most Anticipated Christmas Comedy Drama

Elf on its release at Christmas became one of the most popular Christmas movies. And seeing the popularity of the movie fans anticipating for the second season of the movie this Christmas. But post-Ferrell’s interview it’s not looking possible of an Elf season 2.

Ferrell put life to Elf through his amazing comedy timings and humor. The movie on its box office release manages to gain huge popularity along with the immense fan following. Everyone admired the movie and enjoyed the movie in the aura of Christmas.

The best in Christmas

Sad enough that fans can’t watch Elf 2 this Christmas. Elf 2 was the most anticipated Christmas release this year but the backstage scene between Ferrell & Jon Favreau.

Statement From Caan

Ferrell on the comeback of Caan stated that We were gonna do it and I thought, ‘Oh my god, I finally got a franchise movie, I could make some money, let my kids do what the hell they want to do.’ And the director and Will didn’t get along very well.”

Caan also mentioned and other casts are very much willing to Elf hit the screen this winter but lead actor Ferrell’s absence would make the film incomplete. And as Ferrell is not doing the movie it’ll be unjustified for the movie to make a comeback.

By this, it is confirmed that Elf is on the stack and there won’t be a sequel for the movie!

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