Ellen DeGeneres show investigation

Ellen DeGeneres show investigation after accusation of toxic behavior by staff, the open secret finally brought out into the light. Over the years the show has existed numerous employees have reported various forms of abuse. Ellen has been said to be cold and distance which is not in front of the Camera. Many people from security guards to former guests said she gives preferential treatment to people she thanks are important. Anyone else might as well not even exist as far she is concerned. However, the Ellen DeGeneres show investigated is underway after one current employee and 10 previous ones share their experiences. BuzzFeed New interviewed the employees. The interview generated so much attention the show is now under internal investigation.

Ellen DeGeneres show investigation



The Ellen DeGeneres show investigation is determining if the allocations of current and former employees are true. If they are the show is not just guilty of being a toxic workplace also of having a double standard. Show on several occasions has emphasized the importance of being kind to others. If you have what the employees have accused the show’s host and executive producers of his true, shows great hypocrisy. Specifically, the employees both current and former have accused the show of allowing and creating a bullying and humiliating workplace. The employee stipulated that amongst other wrongful behavior they were forced to based micro-aggression and racism on a daily basis. Additionally, they stated that Ellen is not the primary problem but rather it is for three executive producers.

As a result, the Ellen DeGeneres show investigation may start focusing on Ed Glavin, Mary Connelly, and Andy Lessner. The three executive producers’ nave already issued a statement in an attempt to distance Ellen from the investigation. The three have also stated that they are responsible running the show and expressed great concern over the allegations.  To which the employees responded by stating that producers believed that people should be happy to work on the show. Additionally, employees said that anyone was unhappy with the way things were the producers found ways to get of them. The Ellen DeGeneres show investigation has a lot of attention on it to make it very difficult accusations swept away.

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