CES 2021 to be held only online due to COVID-19.

CES 2021 to be held only online due to COVID-19. How the CES will be organized has yet to be announced. The CES’s organizers said they were canceling in person portions of the convention. Stating safety as their primary concern. Specifically, by January 2021 the organizers pointed out the coronavirus will still be active. Given that previous conventions gathered more than 200,000 people to Las Vegas for the convention. As a result, the odds of an outbreak occurring at the convention are simply too high risk. Additionally, recent increases in the coronavirus case counts and the fact that a vaccine may not be widely available. At least not until after January 2021. Which is why the CES 2021 organizers now plan to hold the event online.

What Now

CES 2021 to be held only online

With the CES 2021 to be held only online many of the usual events and attractions will be unavailable. Indeed, the organizers have yet to explain how the online event will be planed. However, if you use events such as comic–[email protected] as an example it’s possible to see a general outline. Most of the online event that have stood in for normal events follow this general outline. In the case of CES 2021 this should mean fewer any in person press appearances.

Instead, there should be a larger number of keynote addresses and product launch video streaming events. However, this won’t make up for the lack of the hands-on coverage and experience of a normal CES. In other words, won’t be able to wander around the convention physically prototype technology. Specifically, you won’t be able to experience some of the more unusual technology that pops up secondary events. It’s actually possible that these technologies will not make it to the online CES 2021. However, though CES 2021 will be online due to COVID-19 but the organizers have confirmed that CES 2022 will be normal.

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