Two meteor showers peak tonight

Two meteor showers peak tonight – don’t miss. The best time for viewing these two meteor showers as they peak across the sky Tuesday night. The two meteor showers are the Southern Delta-Aquariidsand the alpha Capricornids. These two meteor showers yearly event, with both being active for about a month out of the year. That being said the ideal time to watch the peak across the sky. That is to say when they are at their most active, which this year will occur on July 28, 2020. Though these showers occur at the same time each year they rarely peek on the same day.


Best way to watch

Two meteor showers

These two meteor showers appear at the same time have several differences that affect the best way to view them. The Southern Delta-Aquariidsand is highly with observer’s idea able to see about 25 meteors. Which if you’re a person likes wish on a falling star provides quite the opportunity. This meteor shower will be most visible from the Southern. However, it should still be possible for individuals’ mid-northern latitudes to spot the shower. The meteors of this shower are difficult to spot especially if the moon is out. This means that the peak is the best time to spot them. The alpha Capricornids on the other hand is much easier to spot.

This meteor shower should be visible in roughly the same areas as the Southern Delta-Aquariidsand. However, the alpha Capricornids only produces three meteors an hour. That being said, these meteors are usually larger and easier to spot then their counterparts. Additionally, they have long visible tales and will usually end in a spectacular relatively speaking explosion. If you wish you the two meteor showers weather permitting start by finding a place with a clear view. Specifically, a clear view of a large portion of the sky preferably towards the south if in the northern hemisphere. It is best to be as far away from the city or any large source the ambient light as possible. When you find a place like this lie down and wait for the show. The two meteor showers will be at their most visible from midnight until Sun rise.

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