Eminem Training for MMA ? His New Music video said so…. Find out whole story here.

Eminem’s Training for MMA Rumour is floating all over the internet shortly after Rapper released his new music video “higher.

Eminem Training for MMA?

Training or not we got to see a fight between Dana white and him (verbal) where Rapper is not very pleased with white’s opinion. As he is discussing Eminem’s chances in the fight with host Michael Eaves.  “The best part about your opinion is that it doesn’t matter.” Said Rapper.

A snippet of his music video Released on ESPN prior to Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier’s match which held in Abu Dhabi. This video is viral Rapper’s fan thinks he is actually going in the rings. Eminem Training for MMA or not one thing is for sure we enjoyed the hype.


Watch Eminem’s newly released Music video for Higher.
Now, if you have watched this video then decide who would have thought this music video is all about a promotional stunt and Rapper Is not really turning into a fighter. ESPN also cleared that it was a promotional strategy and they always enjoyed working with Eminem for such promotions.

We would say, there are some smart promotions going on. Fans firmly believed that Eminem is training for MMA until Dana white’s Recent interview because when asked about His and Eminem’s verbal spat he said there is more to it.

Eminem Training for MMA
Eminem Training for MMA, his new music video suggests it

If this music video wouldn’t have released on Saturday we would have really thought that we are going to see Eminem’s move or two. Now here we are talking about fighting move. But as Dana white said, while talking about Eminem’s chance in a fight. We would also think that Eminem Training for MMA should be more focused.

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  • Eminem Training for MMA seems like this is the case as per his new music video Higher.
  • But, there is more to it what seems like the truth to his fans is for promoting his new music video.
  • That explained the clip that was all over the internet, his verbal spat with Dana White.

Did you want to see Eminem in MMA for real? Against which fighter?  Tell us.

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