Eva Mendes says Took Time off after Daughter told her ‘she was on the phone Too much’

Eva Mendes social media off:

Eva Mendes social media off after being called out by her daughter!

Has your mother ever scolded you for using your phone way too much? Well, whose isn’t there are many memes all over the internet. And it seems like a universal topic that we can’t really have a disagreement in this area.

But this time, its daughter’s turn and made Eva Mendes social media off. Yes, You heard it right Eva Mendes took time off from social media as her daughter pointed out that she is using her phone way too much.

What Eva Mendes has to say!

Eva Mendes shared a Latinxparenting quote which roughly translates as :

Let your kid point out your mistakes it’s not being disrespectful rather it is being strong as an individual while growing up.

she shared it is no shame, sometimes to listen to your young ones. Being her too much on phone is what Eva’s daughter is taking personally. And it’s Eva’s duty to make sure that it’s nothing personal. Of course, sometimes we all tend to focus on our social media platforms more than our personal life and it is not healthy either way.

Eva Mendes admitted that she is being low-key on social media to show her daughter it is nothing personal about her. Eva Mendes social media off and it has been a topic of discussion because she is one of the socially active celebrities. Now she has given a legit reason and we all should rethink her mobile phone habits and focused more on our surroundings. All to make sure if someone near to us not feeling neglected.

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Eva Mendes parenting :

Eva Mendes social media off
Eva Mendes social media off, after her daughter points out she is using her phone too much.

As a mother of 2 daughters, Eva has always proved she is a great mother. Eva Mendes also left acting for some time to focus more on her daughters. All we can say is we should learn a thing or two from Eva about parenting and raising a child that is independent and voice their opinions.

What do you think Eva Mendes social media off because of her daughter’s is smart move to prove her point as a mother or not? Share your views with us.

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