Weather Alert: Warns of severe storms that will hit north of Emporia through 07:45 AM. All counties in the area are under severe thunderstorm watch until 11:30 pm [updated].

LIVE Emporia Thunderstorm Updates: Emporia whether alert

Thunderstorms that could create severe weather conditions have resulted in warnings for areas within the KVOE listening area.

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Northeast Lyon Osage and northeastern Coffey County: Extreme thunderstorm warning until 8:15 am. The most important issues are hail that is the size of one golf ball (1.75 inches) and winds of 60 mph. Miller, Osage City, Melvern, Waverly included. *Northeast Lyon southeast Wabaunsee northwest Osage counties warning of severe storms up to 7:45 AM. The primary concern is hail the size of a ping pong ball (1.5 millimeters) and 60 mph speeds. Harveyville, Lyndon, Osage City, and Lyndon are all included.

The chance of thunderstorms is prevalent until late afternoon. A severe storm warning is in place for all counties within the region up to 1pm.

Large hail and destructive winds are among the biggest threats: Emporia whether alert

emporia whether alert

  • Storms and rainy spells are expected early in the morning and through the afternoon.
  • Storm Watch for Severe Thunderstorms from 1PM until 2PM Large hail and destructive winds are the greatest dangers
  • The conditions in the sky are expected to be ideal for viewing the lunar eclipse later tonight.


SundayExtreme Thunderstorm Be on the lookout out until 1 pm Large hail and damaging winds are the greatest hazards. The storms and rain are expected to be over sometime between 2 and 5 pm. Wind: Strong and gusty with T-Storms. High at 68deg.

Sunday Night is expected that the skies is clear, and offer an excellent views of the moon’s totality. Wind 5-15 miles per hour. Minimum 50deg. 55deg-60deg during the lunar eclipse, from 10:30PM until 12 AM.

Monday A pleasant day with plenty of sunlight.

High: 78 degree

Wind: Nearly none.

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