Sutta Chai Bar – Kulhad of Love Spreading millions of Smiles

Sutta Chai Bar a Food Blog started by Jotters Tech private Limited back in 2020’s. After the exceptional success of this website. Jotters Tech decided to get on the ground and started a franchise business of Restaurants having flavored tea as their USP . With an idea to serve a great ambience and hygienic food with a low cost model. Above all, Sutta Chai Bar is currently the expeditious growing food chain in Uttar Pradesh, India. They are the highest consumer of kulhad in UP. With consumption of more than 5k+ kulhads in a single day.

Sutta Chai Bar Menu – Product List

Now coming to their product list. There are wide variety of items in their food menu  , starting with

  • amazing sandwiches
  • delicious burgers
  • appetizing pizza
  • yum-yum milkshakes
  • finger-licking pasta
  • delish Ice Crushers
  • mouth-watering maggi
  • cheesy garlic breads
  • luscious Ice Tea
  • Certainly, overwhelming Cold Coffees

Look at the pricing and wide range of each of the above products in the menu card –

Sutta Chai Bar Menu Card

Noteworthy Message for Youth –

Despite of being it’s name as Sutta Chai Bar, they don’t sell any kind of smoking products. However, this is quiet an interesting fact as more often young generation prefers sutta along with chai. They can also earn a remarkable revenue from it but they don’t do this business. As they believe it is injurious to health and they can’t afford to promote any such things which is dangerous to new generation of  country. In other words, our youth is our future and they want to habituate them with “Chai Ka Sutta”. They have a prominent tagline “chai the sutta” from “pyaar the pyaala”.

Sutta Chai Bar Franchise Expansion –

Moreover, they claim that they are the quickest expanding franchise in India. In the past six months they have inaugurated various Chai outlets in many cities across the country. Further, have a look at their Real time Outlet locations and numbers.

  1. New Delhi – 3
  2. Kanpur – 4
  3. Banaras – 3
  4. Dehradun – 3
  5. Gorakhpur – 1
  6. Lakhimpur – 1
  7. Nainital – 1
  8. Bareilly – 1
  9. Haridwar – 1
  10. Banda – 1
  11. Sitapur -1
  12. Indore – 1
  13. Kolkata – 2
  14. Lucknow – 3
  15. Kota – 1

With more than 25+ outlets in India they are planning 50+ new proposed outlets in coming 6 months across the country. Secondly, they are planning to expand Sutta Chai Bar franchise in United States, Sweden, and Nepal. So as to become a multinational Brand in Chai Industry. In order to give chai an international fame, they are very eager to get in United States market. Due to America’s very strict custom security measures for raw materials check-up it’s getting so late. Otherwise, they are all prepared with franchisers and every on ground preparations in US.

Social Media Handles of Sutta Chai Bar

SCB has a great audience and Fan following on  Social media and are very much active there. They post very interesting pictures, videos, Reels on their social media accounts. In addition, their Social pages are full of Amazing Content and Priceless Smiles. So, Let’s have a look at their Incredible Social Media Profiles.


Facebook – @suttachaibar

Sutta Chai Bar has enormous fan following on Facebook with more than 300000 followers. They are one of the highest followed food chain of India on Facebook. Meanwhile, their Facebook stories get millions of views.

Facebook SCB

Instagram – @suttachaibarofficial

Moreover, they have 85000 followers on Instagram and share the priceless memories and lovely pictures of their adorable customers and food products. Their reels get viral on Instagram very often. sutta chai bar instagram

Website –

Last but not the least they have an incredible food blog. This blog was their first step in food and beverages industry. They have several interesting food recipes, stories. Also, there you can see their business model, franchise structure, investment idea, and all other important details needed to run a restaurant.

Sutta Chai Bar

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Conclusion –

To sum up, Sutta Chai Bar is currently one of the India’s best Flavored Tea Brand in terms of quality and pricing. They serve mesmerizing chai and millions of people had sutta of their chai till now. Chocolate chai is their most selling chai across various flavors they offer. With an Global ambition of expansion soon we may see Sutta Chai Bar outlets in each and every country of the world.

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