Equinox Season 2 Netflix Release date: Season 1 Ending Explained

Equinox season 2 Release date, cast, plot and everything. See what to expect from season 2 and Season 1 ending explained.

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Equinox season 2 Release date:

‘Equinox’ has just ended and season 2 release date speculations have already started. This is one of the best shows on Netflix having Danish origin. Viewers have liked it so much that they can’t wait for the second installment of this series.
21 years old trauma, just when she thought she can move on her past is haunting her. This mystery genre with a little hint of supernatural ailment who don’t want more such stories. Equinox is one of a kind that always leaves a mystery in the viewers’ heads.
So, will there be season 2? What will be the story? Cast? And every small detail.
Let’s, get into details to answer these questions and see the Explained ending of season one.

Equinox synopsis:

Equinox is based on a famous 1885 danish Radio podcast of the same name. It’s now on Netflix. However, the story is NOT based on true incidents.

Story Revolves around Astrid in her early 30s. He seems to have a stable life and a great job as a Radio podcast host. But there is something Astrid is dealing with.

Equinox season 2 Release date, cast and plot
Equinox season 2 Release date, cast, and plot

It’s Trauma when she was only a year old (1999) her whole classmates disappeared mysteriously. It includes her sister also. Now in present (2020), she is trying to move on but then she got a call from one of the survivors to investigate this mystery. However, her father stopped her to get into details but she sure has another plan in her mind. Taking hints from her nightmares she is all set to unveil this disappearance mystery.

Now, all she wants to know is what exactly happened back in 1999. Will she able to solve this mystery? How? Who will help her? Watch the full series on Netflix to get those answers.

Watch Trailer-  Equinox| official Trailer | Netflix

Cast :

Equinox season 2 Release date, cast and plot
Equinox season 2 Release date, cast, and plot
  • Danica Curcic as Astrid.
  • Viola Martinsen as a 9 years old Astrid.
  • Lars Brygmann as Astrid’s father.
  • Hanne Hedelund as Astrid’s mother.
  • Karoline Hamm as Ida
  • Alexandre Willaume as Henrik.
  • Fanny Leander Bornedal as Amelia
  • Ask Emil Mossberg Truelsen as Falke.


This series has only 6 episodes each around one hour.

Equinox ending explained : ( may contain spoilers)

The ending of this series is all about a long-kept secret to reunite Ostara and Hare king. If you watched the series you know Astrid’s mother took hare king (Henrik’s) help to conceive. And she promised him to return Astrid’s elder sister Ida who believed to be Ostara in her past life. But somehow the promise was not kept by their mother and Henrik. So furiously he took Ida and her classmates away.

However, Twist is Real Ostara is Astrid and chose to leave with Henrik now that the world we live in doesn’t understand Astrid. She left to live somewhere in peace with her sister & Henrik.

Equinox season 2 storyline and Release date:

Equinox season 2 Release date is not confirmed yet but if the show is having season 2 it is somewhere around mid-2022.

Season 2 is much more anticipated because there are several unexplained mysteries in season one. As many characters just came from nowhere and many plot holes like where Astrid and Ida are living is yet to explain. Therefore season 2 sure is a necessity for the series fan.

Cast :

All cast is likely to return for season two.

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  • A great series.
  • Definitely a binge-worthy.
  • But at some point, you will be reminded of Dark- another Netflix series
  • Overall great acting and execution eagerly waiting for season two.

Have you watched Equinox yet? Excited for season two?

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