Dororo Season 2: Release Date, Characters, Plot, and everything you need to know

It’s been a long time anticipating Dororo season 2. After about fifty years, we’re finally getting another season! Back on the net they go. Dororo is a character hailing back from the 60’s, MAPPA planned to revisit the characters years ago, and only now is it coming to fruition. Despite how much time it will no doubt take, the series will be revisited proper.

The accumulation of all this will result in what we all have been waiting for: Dororo season 2. For millennials and boomers alike, this show will surely be a joy. The storyline will be shifting over to more of a classic mood. However, many questions still remain about the fate of the show, which is what we are here for. Here are the answers to those questions below in this article.

What will Dororo season 2’s plot be? – {Brief Update}

Dororo season 2

The story will definitely be banking on the ancient history that the show is based off of. Back in 1960, the manga adaptations were what came first. Then in 1969, it came out with an impressive debut of 26 episodes, airing on April 6th. Osamu Tezuka is the credited writer and illustrator of the series. Because of his creation, he has gained immense internet and real-life popularity. However, popularity didn’t fund his world, and the series was cancelled all too soon.

The show was cancelled a year early. Additionally, the anime series is the earliest in anime history. Even now, sixty years later, the anime still has an impact on the people who have watched it all so long ago. Even sixty yeas later, fans are still growing for the show that seemed to be a failure at it’s debut. As the years progressed since it’s debut, progress has been made to other transformations in the media.

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Will the next season stay the same?

In 2004, a game came up that became officially a part of the series. The title was named Blood Will Tell. However, in the business world, the game did not do very well. However, after sixty years of waiting for financial success, MAPPA finally decided to give this thing a go. In 2019, it was made evident that the show would be made. It both appealed to new fans and old as hype grew. Additionally, it began telecasting in January of 2019, and continued into June 2019 with 24 episodes. It also was given a special Dororo Blue-Ray box set. Now we wait for Dororo season 2 of the series.

In 2007, we did have a movie however. But, as we all quickly saw, there were some impressive changes, For example, despite the fact that Dororo was a girl, she did not choose to be a woman proper. Additionally, Hyakkimaru and Dororo are older than the series itself. The scene itself is different as well, being moved to a post-apocalyptic future in Japan’s Sangoku Era.

Based off of the previous material listed above, we can only hope the next installment will do more of what the previous material did. Expect a time skip, and many proper character changes.

When will Dororo season 2 release?

Dororo season 2
Dororo Season 2 Theam Poster Updated on January 3, 2021

As of now, we don’t have an answer for you. However, we do have a great many estimations that will likely be correct based on past evidence. MAPPA hasn’t given us an actual statement, which is unfortunate. They’ve been silent on a release date, or guaranteed progress reports. However, we do know that it is in progress. The reason we theorize this is because the world has since opened up in the entertainment industry as of late. More and more studios have gone back to content creation, and Dororo season 2 is no different.

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However, as it stands right now, the last season ended pretty well. In fact, the season ended so well that we’re pretty sure the next season is going to have to be originaly written. This means we’ll be getting a brand new, fresh plot. This means it will have to progress after the manga, and come in fully swinging. The last episode we witnessed back in the 2019 gave us hints about the future of Hyakkimaru. Biwamaru stated that in the last episode facts about other character’s journeys.

What will the Dororo Season 2 plot be?

Despite the fact that this will be Dororo season 2, it may not just simply focus on the way it has always focused. It could drift off into side characters, side plots, and more. Right now we could have a bit more of a rehaul than a reboot. Don’t expect more of the same to come from this anime when it returns.

The sequel, as of now, does stand a fair chance. Despite what we are saying now, it might be best to wait for an official announcement. It will most likely take the entirety of this half year to release. This also assumes that the anime began production back in the tail end of 2020. In the middle of 2021, say in the fall season, would be the best guess. That release date is what we are counting on. If we obtain any more information about this date, we will absolutely update this article.

All we know at this point, about the plot of Dororo Season 2, is that it must be original. MAPPA will have to come up with something entirely new for this next season. The studio may come up with a revenge plot, or a path to humanity plot. Right now, all we have are guesses. Nothing has been exactly confirmed as of now. While many people anticipate the release to follow close to the old material, some fans are skeptical. For the studio now to copy what the studio back then did would be a miracle.

To strike the same iron of storytelling is only up to the whim of the current writers. Even then, right now the storytelling industry is at a bit of a standstill. Industries are stressed, and cutting funds. Therefore, while there may be delays, there also might be creative draughts as well. We can only hope that the writers do the fans right this time, and make the anime season the best that it can be with what they have.

Trailer {Dororo Season 2}:

The trailer of Dororo Season 2 is yet to be released. however, you possibly can watch the trailer of the earlier seasons.

We will keep on updating new updates regarding Dororo Season 2. So keep visiting us regarding new updates and leaked information of Dororo Season 2.

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