Trinity Seven Season 2: Estimated Release Date and More to know

Trinity Seven also called Toriniti Sebun: Shichi-in ni Masho Tsukai in the original language is a Japanese romantic comedy anime show that’s based on the manga with the same title and is waiting for its Trinity Seven Season 2. Kenji Saitou wrote this manga, while Akinari Nao illustrated it. The manga went live on December 9th of 2010.  After four years of publication, Trinity Seven rose up to a new kind of entertainment tier: anime.

After some production time, Season 1 came out on October 8th, 2014. Between the first and second seasons, a slew of things happened. First, there was an OVA, followed by a special episode and even two movies. However, this didn’t hold fans back from the aspiration and notion that a Trinity Seven season 2 was on the rise. While there is definitely a Trinity Seven season 2 confirmed, it has yet to actually air to the audience. For reasons we can’t determine, Trinity Seven season Two has yet to air. We’ll give you any details we have about the show so far.

Will Trinity Seven Season 2 come out this year?

Trinity Seven Season 2

While season 1 premiered on October 8th, 2014, fans still eagerly await Trinity Seven season Two. The two movies based on the show premiered on February 25th, 2017, and March 29th, 2019 respectively. With these two obvious signs of life, fans got excited for a Trinity Seven 2nd Season back in early 2019. During 2019, Trinity Seven’s 2nd Season was confirmed and was said to premiere in the middle of 2019, around April. But later postponed due to the pandemic. But as of now, there is still no trace of it.

However, we haven’t exactly seen this season, or else this article wouldn’t exist. Trinity Seven Season 2 has yet to make an appearance, and what’s worse is that we got no clue why as of now. While it could come out sometime in February 2021, and most likely will, we’re keeping our ears, eyes, and articles open for news on the release date of Trinity Seven’s 2nd Season. As soon as that happens, we’ll update this section of the article.

Where can I watch the first season? Trinity Seven Season One is in review.

Trinity Seven Season 2

To watch this great anime in English, watch the English dub available in multiple places. You can watch it on places like Crunchyroll and HiDive. Additionally, Trinity Seven Season 2 will also be available to watch on these sites.

Clearly, fantasy-based, the plot of Trinity Seven caught future fans’ attention once the first season aired. The show follows Arata Kasuga, a boy who lives a normal life with his friend and cousin, Hijiri Kasuga. Arata’s normal life comes to a halt when the sun turns black. What is known as the Breakdown Phenomenon completely breaks the town down and all the residents in it. However, right before the outer main character can be taken out early, Hijiri hangs a grimoire around his neck, and he is saved.

Arata emerges from the Breakdown Phenomenon hopeless and wants nothing more than for his normal life to come back. Unbeknownst to him, Arata’s wishful thinking turns into an actual wish: his wish triggers the grimoire that Hijiri hung around his neck. This grimoire artificially brings back the life he had before and wipes away everything he remembers about this Breakdown Phenomenon. However, as soon as he witnesses his restored previous life, a mage named Lilith appears and breaks it down by simply existing.| Trinity Seven Season 2.|

Arata reels from the shock of it all. Lilith, at this point, gives him two options. He can either give her the book or he can die. There is a third option, which is to join a top-secret magic school. Who would have guessed he take that third option? Six other magical students, that serve as our supporting characters, await him there. With Lilith, the six students are now seven and are the elite mages of the school with powers and abilities each unique. Arata trains hard to learn the ways of magic and master multiple facets of power. He sets his aim to prevent the destruction of his hometown and everyone he loves with the help of his new magical companions.

Trinity Seven Character List: Will they all be in Trinity Seven Season 2?

Trinity Two

Below is a background list for each notable character in the show. How many will appear in Trinity Seven Season 2? We’re not entirely sure. However, you should be warned, there are substantial spoilers ahead, so only proceed if you have finished the show.

Arata Kasuga

Arata is the main character of the show and is no doubt returning in Trinity Seven 2nd Season. He boasts a carefree persona and a cheerful attitude. Arata lives with his cousin and friend Hijiri Kasuga. When the catastrophic event destroys his entire life, he joins the magical academy with Lilith and is determined to become a mage. After he exits the academy, he befriends all the members of the Trinity Seven so that they can help save his hometown. Despite the serious nature of everything, he is still the comedic element in many episodes and is often caught being a pervert to many of the girls in the show.

Lilith Asami

As a teacher at the Royal Biblia Academy, she is essentially the leader of the group. Lilith meets Arata under not-so-great circumstances: the destruction and rebirth of his hometown. From there she forces Arata into his momentous decision to become a mage. Initially, Lilith is aggressive towards Arata but eventually warms up to him later. She makes up one of his first friends and allies on his quest to save everyone.

Arin Kannazuki

Serving another spot as the main character, Arin stands as a proud member of the Trinity Seven. Arin holds no memory before the age of eight. The academy took her in and trained her in the ways of magic. Rarely showing emotion, Arin comes off as quiet and reserved. She also cares little about what others think of her. However, she often grows jealous when others speak to Arata, and later on, she shows more emotion toward him. She claims many times that Arata is her husband even though the two aren’t married. Many fans wonder if this possible relationship will develop even further in Trinity Seven Season 2.

Levi Kazama

As one of the earliest friends of Arata in the Academy, Levi is a core member of the Seven. Among them all, he is one of the best fighters, ranking in the world’s top three.

Trinity Seven Season 2

When do you think Trinity Seven Season 2 will come out? Why do you think it was put on hiatus? Think it is due to COVID-19, or something more? Let us know in the comments below.