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Escobar INC Phone scam: Escobar INC is scamming customers by selling Galaxy Fold lookalike at fraction of the price.

Escobar Inc established in 1984 is the official holding company for Pablo Escobar, founded in 1984 by his brother Roberto Escobar in Medellín, Colombia according to their website.


They have produced numerous commercials as advertising efforts which conclude they are coming for Samsung.

One of the publicized commercials can be found by simply googling RIP Samsung as it will lead the viewer to a commercial which then shows several women in bikinis who hold up a tablet that reads, “RIP Samsung”. They then proceed to wear protective eye wear as a means of PPE then use a device to start breaking and smashing the device that read, “RIP Samsung.”

In the commercial the narrator proceeds to tell the viewer that “Samsung will not survive.”


Escobar INC scamming customers by selling Galaxy Fold lookalikes at fraction of the price. As the handset is being deemed nothing more than a Galaxy Fold look-alike. Claims are also stating that it is said to sport the same hardware as a Galaxy fold with the major difference being noted is the considerable price difference. As the Galaxy Fold costs nearly $2,000 while the Escobar Fold 2 retails at $400.

Many are wondering exactly how Escobar Inc plans to deliver this device at this significantly lower price. As many are claiming that the company is using non-refundable payment methods. Them in-turn not actually delivering this device to its consumers. As they assert that Escobar INC fold 2 is a scam.


Marques Brownlee is a YouTuber and gadget reviewer who had attempted to purchase 2 of these devices. Mr. Brownlee stated that he ordered one under his real name while using a pseudonym for the other. He also asserted that the company may be collecting the money from unsuspecting customers and then not shipping to the majority of customers. Mr. Brownlee then continued to also claimed that it might be selectively shipped to persons with some kind of media influence.

“This piece of tech we’ve reviewed already, it’s the Galaxy Fold… it just has gold tin foil on the back,” he said in a video posted to his YouTube channel. “So the interesting part now becomes the behind-the-scenes part, which is the company that’s maybe trying to sell some of them and also not ship most of them. They’re trying to scam you.”

In one of his YouTube videos you can watch Mr Brownlee scrape off some of the gold material. As he scraped it off the device which ultimately revealed a Samsung logo.

Legal Disputes

On their site you can note the following legal disputes as listed as below. It appears the company is also suing Apple as of May 2020.

Legal Disputes:
Escobar Inc v. “2 Chainz” et al (06/17/2020)
Escobar v. Apple, Inc. (05/26/2020)
Escobar Inc v. Daniel Reitberg (04/24/2020)

Escobar filed the lawsuit May 26th in San Mateo Superior Court, after making allegations that a security kink in his iPhone X, which was advertised to him as “the most secure on the market,” ultimately endangered his life. The lawsuit is filed on behalf of Escobar, the individual, and not Escobar Inc., the company though is listed on the company’s website.

Issues with website

While navigating their business website as I have attempted to do today. Escobar INC allows users to go to “shop”. As you attempt to select the “go to shop” the page automatically redirects you to a warning. The warning reads, “no products were found matching your description.” As you can then use the search tool and type in any text to navigate through their website.  I’ve also found after several attempts to find the product I continuously receive the same message/error stating, “No products were found matching your description.”

Celebrities supporting the product

There is also a commercial found that lists Chris Hansen, Datelines “To catch a predator” host. As he is found to be endorsing Escobar Fold 2 which has been circulating the internet and is found in one of the YouTube videos created by Marques Brownlee as well as uploaded to Reddit. While visiting the reddit site you will find comments by users claiming it is a scam. Others are claiming that the Chris Hansen endorsement is a Cameo, that was most likely purchased for a small fee. Mr. Brownlee asserts the celebrity Chris Hansen is most likely unaware of it being used as a marketing tool and that there is so many concerns surrounding this device.

Customers complaints :

February 2020 according to PCmag an article was written by Michael Kan that states that this company might be scamming its customers by stating the following,

“Pablo Escobar’s brother started to take orders for a second foldable phone at the low price of $399. However, users who bought the first foldable phone from the company say their orders have yet to arrive. Instead, what they got was a book and a pamphlet.”

Some bloggers directly state about Escobar INC Phone Scam : “Please don’t buy the foldable phone from Pablo Escobar’s brother. You’re almost certainly getting scammed.”

Latest updates:

It’s months later, and dozens of would-be customers, who forked over real money to own the illusive “Escobar Fold 2” phone, say their orders never arrived.”

Michael Kan says “July has now passed, and to this day PCMag receives occasional emails from upset customers, who say their order never arrived.”

This is after the company had apparently claimed it was busy buying leftover Galaxy Fold units in China. As an attempt to sell to consumers at lower prices according to the article in PC Mag.

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Several customers claim they have been scammed after never receiving the product. This is according to several customers that reached out to PC Mag regarding their experience with Escobar INC.

I’ve personally reached out to Escobar INC for any updated information or comments. I will update this article accordingly if I hear back in regards to this product.

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