Even Stevens Cast Reunion

For all the eager fans of the show – Even Stevens Cast Reunion did in fact happen, on ZOOM!

Alas! Even Stevens is 20 years old!

About the show

Even Stevens is an American parody TV arrangement that publicized on Disney Channel with an aggregate of three seasons and 65 scenes from June 17, 2000, to June 2, 2003.

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It follows the life of the Stevenses, a family living in rural Sacramento, California, for the most part concentrating on the conflicting characters of its two more youthful kids, Ren and Louis.

The arrangement was delivered by Brookwell McNamara Entertainment. It is frequently perceived as propelling Shia LaBeouf’s breakout profession as an on-screen character. The show additionally includes quick movement photography, which it utilizes in each scene.


Shia LaBeouf as Louis Stevens

Christy Romano as Ren Stevens

Nick Spano as Donnie Stevens

Tom Virtue as Steve Stevens

Donna Pescow as Eileen Stevens

Margo Harshman as Tawny Dean

Even Stevens Cast Reunion

To pay tribute to the Disney Channel arrangement’s commemoration, the cast met up for a sweet virtual get-together drove by stars Christy Carlson Romano (Ren Stevens) and Nick Spano (Donnie Stevens) on Wednesday.

Where’s La Beouf?

Be that as it may, was LaBeouf, 34, was missing.

“Whatever happened to Shia LaBeouf?” Rinsler said during the get-together, which provoked the cast to howl uncontrollably. (Obviously, LaBeouf has become a fruitful if to some degree offbeat famous actor, movie producer, and execution craftsman. The 2019 film Honey Boy, in light of his adolescence, won the Special Jury Prize at Sundance and was a basic crush.)

Even Stevens Cast Reunion

“He went to the moon!” Romano yelled out, amusingly referencing the season 2 scene “Flu: The Musical,” where Ren imagined she went to class regardless of having this season’s flu virus and was caught off guard for her science introduction, making her concoct the tune “We Went to the Moon in 1969.”

“I was going to set up a different camera with a photograph of him,” Spano joked.


The actors at that point shared their preferred recollections from the show, with Spano saying, “It was a show that individuals got acquainted with at an extremely extraordinary in their lives when life was acceptable.”

“It has such a dear spot in many individuals’ hearts. I’m appreciative to be a piece of the show that brings back such a significant number of positive encounters,” Spano included.

“Everyone saw us, and we are implanted in their childhood. What an incredible gig it was. It was the best experience I’ve ever had,” Virtue included.

The cast additionally tended to LaBeouf’s nonattendance and the amount he intended to the show.

Additionally, absent from the call was Donna Pescow, who played the mother, and Margo Harshman, who played Tawny.


In 2003 LaBeouf won a Daytime Emmy Award for the exceptional entertainer in a kids’ arrangement. The show was likewise named for a Daytime Emmy Award for the best youngsters’ arrangement.

Romano got a Young Artist Award in 2002 for best for execution in a TV parody arrangement.

Even Stevens Cast Reunion

A year ago, Romano reenacted the notorious “We Went to the Moon in 1969” child to pay tribute to the 50th commemoration of the Apollo moon landing.

Rejoining with her Even Stevens costar Frost, in a scene of “Christy’s Throwback Kitchen,” the pair were good to go to begin making “lunar cheddar,” before Frost shared that she really wanted to be helped to remember a notorious tune Romano sang on the Disney Channel arrangement.

Inside Notes

-Official maker Dennis Rinsler shared Steven’s tryout story and uncovered that Steven was the person who concocted Beans’ notorious privateer joke that Louis never let him finish.

“Steven came in without [any experience]. He possibly did a business – that is about it. Furthermore, he came in to peruse for the piece of Beans. We didn’t know and he said ‘Hold up a moment, would I be able to make you a wisecrack? I despise everything recollect it, Steve, the celebrated privateer joke,” said Dennis.

Steven then wound up uncovering the full form of the joke, saying “So the joke was ‘There was a privateer on a boat and the boat was rockin’ and a-rolling’ and the privateer tumbled off the boat and he lost a leg and afterward a shark came and bit off his leg. And afterward, he tumbled off the boat again, and afterward, a shark came and bit off his snare.

We went to moon

What’s more, I go ‘Gracious, alright, however, how could you get the eyepatch? Did you fall over the edge and the shark ate [your eye] by one way or another?’ And he goes ‘No, no, no, I overlooked my snare and a winged creature came and crapped in me eye!’

-Dennis, who wrote “Scrub Day,” said that 200 cans of spicy chili were used for the chili vat scene.

-The cast and crew revealed that Jim Wise, who played Coach Tugnut, wrote the songs for “Influenza: The Musical.”

-AJ Trauth shared a story he was told about Shia. Turns out he was just as big of a troublemaker as his character and introduced himself to all the other kids auditioning for the role of Louis saying “Hi, I’m Shia and I’m playing Louis Stevens.”


The cast and group additionally talked about LeBeouf’s semi-self-portraying film Honey Boy, which implies that things weren’t generally glad for the youthful on-screen character on the set of the Disney Channel hit.

Spano regarded his costar’s understanding, however, he likewise shared that for him and every other person at the get-together, chipping away at Even Stevens was an exceptional encounter.

For him, “there was only an extraordinary feeling of network and family on Even Stevens, and we in reality totally thought about one another,” he said.

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