Hackwithinfy Result 2020 Round 2 updates | Result Link

Results of HackWithINfy 2020 Round 2 out on 3rd July-2020, not being declared following the usual pattern as every year they declare results on their website and send emails to selected students but this time they sent the copy of report to respective colleges. This step is taken to catch the students, as many students appear in examination with 2-3 accounts, So they will be caught as their college details are same.

The result link will be shared very soon. Keep checking the result updates…

State-Wise List: South India List

Be with us, State-wise lists of all the states will be available within few hours..
The ratio of Hack With Infy selected students drastically decreased this year. As per college reports the number of students qualified this year is less than the half as compared to the previous year results. Due to covid-19 pandemic the employment opportunities decreased and private companies are not in mood to increase their staff. So, don’t be stressed if you are not selected you will get many golden opportunities in your future.

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HackWithInfy Round 2 Result updates

HackWithInfy Round 1 was on 30th and 31st march 2020. Its round 2 was on 31st May 2020. Normally, it takes two to three days for the result to come out. But as per the latest news from Infosys the examination is still needs to be conducted in two states of the nation – Odisha and West Bengal on 10,June. While Infosys HackWithInfy announces, “ Soon the result for HackWithInfy round 2 will be out in one or two days.” This news creates a buzz for the aspirants. Enthusiasm enrolls around the students who have given the Round 2 of HackWithInfy.


Round 2 of HackWithInfy needs a selection of 100 students. These 100 students will go for the final round of Hackathon. To be in the top 100, you need to solve at least 2.5 or more questions in Hack with Infy Round 2. However, this number may vary, as no one can predict the competition. These 100 participants also get a pre-placement interview offer from Infosys as Power Programmer.

After the declaration of the result, participants need to get ready for the Grand Finale at Infosys Pune. Round 2 results will release on the official site. Students can view their results by visiting the Infosys HackWithInfy website. As per the announcement by Infosys, students can expect their result for round 2 as soon as possible

Hackwithinfy 2020 result details!!!!


HackWithInfy is a contest for all engineering students across India who are graduating in the year 2021. Candidates from 2021 batch who have an interest in programming and want to build careers in it. They have this golden opportunity to compete and get a chance to work with Infosys.

Last year HackWithInfy 2019 witnessed 1,18,000+ registrations from students all over India. Infosys offered 3000+ pre-placement interview opportunities. It Provides the Perfect Stepping Stone For Students to Explore their Passion For Programming and an Opportunity to Compete and Earn a Chance to Work With Infosys.

HackWithInfy Eligibility Criteria:

  • Registrations for HackWithInfy 2020 are now open to all B.E./B.Tech/M.E./M.Tech students graduating in the year 2021.
  • Students completing their undergraduate in the year 2021 are eligible for the competition.

HackWithInfy competition offers

  • Cash prizes worth INR350,000 to the winners.
  • Pre-placement interview opportunities for Power Programmer and System Engineer Specialist roles at Infosys.
  • Opportunity for students to showcase their programming skills and earn peer recognition.
  • 100 participants selected from round 2 also get a pre-placement interview offer from Infosys as Power Programmer.
  • Top 500-600 students in round-2 will get calls for Power Programmer Interview (8 LPA). Top 3000 students will be called for the System’s Engineer Specialist role Interview (5 LPA).
  • HackWithInfy 2020 winner (first place) will get a prize of Rs 2 lakh, while the first runner up and second runner up will receive a cash reward of Rs 1 lakh and Rs 50,000 respectively along with interview opportunity as power programmer.

HackWithInfy Selection Process

HackWithInfy 2020 has three rounds.

  • Round 1 – An individual online challenge held on 30th and 31st march 2020.
  • Round 2 – An individual online challenge similar to Round-1 suppose to be held in March. But was postponed and held on 31st May 2020 due to COVID-19.
  • Round 3 – Final round that will be conducted in a grand finale at our sprawling Infosys Pune campus from Friday, July 3 to Monday, July 6, 2020. Infosys will sponsor travel and accommodation for the selected finalists.

Online challenges in Round 1 and 2 needs a competitive coding platform.

HackWithInfy Rounds

  • Round 1: There were 3 questions. Each falls in the category of easy, medium, hard respectively. And the individual has three hours to solve the questions. To clear for round 1, you have to solve 2 questions or need to solve 1 question of the hard category.
  • Round 2: This round is similar to Round 1. It also has 3 questions. But the only difference is that the difficulty level is increased. Students have three hours to solve. Round 2 clearance needs solving of 2.5 questions. However, the HackWithInfy Round 2 result is unable to predict so just try your best.


  • Round 3: The Top 100 participants from Round 2 will compete in the three-day Grand Finale at Infosys Pune in July. Infosys sponsors the travel of the participants. The winner for the HackWithInfy comes out after the clearance of Round 3.
infytq result
infytq result

Important topics for Round 1

  • Dynamic Programming
  • Greedy Algorithms
  • Backtracking
  • Stack
  • Queue
  • Mapping Concepts
  • Array manipulation
  • String manipulation
  • Tree
  • Graph

Important Topics for Round 2

  • Data Structures ( Array/ Stack/ Queue/ Linked List/ Graph)
  • Hashing Concepts
  • Dynamic Programming
  • Greedy Approach
  • Game Theory
  • Mathematical Coding Problems

Important Algorithms for HackWithInfy Round 2 :

Algorithms and Data Structures are the two main domain which needs proper focus while becoming a programmer. Problem statements with huge test cases requires solving by a systematic and a proper approach. Various solutions that are not efficient enough can lead to various errors. Timeout error and logic error leads to the failing of the test case.

Evaluation Scheme

Evaluation of all submissions for Round 1 and Round 2 by the Judging Panel requires the assessment of the following parameters:

    • The Judging Panel shall select the winning entry/entries for the event within its sole and exclusive discretion.
    • Code Efficiency, which is also known as the number of test cases that the code passes.
    • Marks are assigned to the questions based the difficulty level and solutions evaluated accordingly.
    • Encouragement of plagiarism is a punishable act and there shall be negative marking for plagiarism.
    • There exists a plagiarism detection meter which finds the plagiarised codes.



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