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tcs codevita result 2020TCS Codevita 2020 is one of the largest coding competitions for programmers. The main goal of this competition is to find competitive programmers nationwide. now the first question comes that is TCS CodeVita tough? Then I would like to say yes it is tough but if you have prepared basics of coding and your programming solving skill is good then you can crack TCS CodeVita. 

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TCS Codevita Results were declared on 1st September 2020.

Result  Link:  Check Result 

TCS Codevita Statewise Result Link With Rank PDF 1: CodeVita Result List 1

TCS Codevita Statewise Result Link With Rank PDF 2: CodeVita Result List 2

TCS Codevita Statewise Result Link With Rank PDF 3: CodeVita Result List 3

TCS Codevita Statewise Result Link With Rank PDF 4: CodeVita Result List 4

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TCS IDEA BANK Registration Started:  Aug 26, 2020, 05:30 UTC

TCS IDEA BANK Registration Ends:  Sep 09, 2020, 18:30 UTC


TCS Codevita 2020: [updated: 25th Aug 2020 10:00pm]

tcs codevita update

This article is primarily for Indian student community who has participated in this year’s TCS CodeVita. Past and future participants may also relate to it. Non-students may find it useful from numerical perspective, because I am going to throw some numbers in the blog.

This is hopefully my last blog on TCS CodeVita this season. CodeVita has grown in size, scale and popularity over the last 9 seasons. CodeVita is an open book contest and by design allows one to research a good solution, as well as allows one to freely code in IDEs of one’s choice where rich tools like Profilers and Debuggers are available. Our endeavor is to provide as much of a real-life taste to the contest participants as possible. For CodeVita, we do not believe in imposing limiting constraints and hence it is a non-proctored environment. We can afford to do that because we have strong means of plagiarism detection.

I read a couple of blogs here on LinkedIn where lot of students expressed a feeling of dejection and helplessness regarding organized methods of cheating that the cheaters are resorting to. The sole purpose of this blog is to send out a loud and clear message to clean and honest candidates that their interests are very well protected in TCS CodeVita. Continue to do the right thing and leave the part to tackle the bad guys to us. They are not going to go very far with us. They can run but they can’t hide.

The reason why it takes time to declare CodeVita results is because of the time it takes to do plagiarism detection. This year since there were ~33 Lakh submissions, we had to employ 4x the hardware capacity to run the plagiarism detection batches. Even then, the batches ran up to 10x longer. The results are as follows

In a nutshell, only 1 out 3 people who could solve at least one problem in CodeVita, is honest. That’s pretty sad. In contrast to India phase, there is hardly any plagiarism when the Global phase is operational. Only students interested in competitive programming participate and they show a lot of integrity.

Indian students have been slowly but surely ceding ground to global counterparts. Last season of CodeVita saw no Indian student in a podium finish. If Indian students get so tempted to plagiarize, winning CodeVita will remain a distant dream. Get a grip, prevent your friends from falling prey to these mischievous thoughts. On a slightly humorous note, I hope all those who “paid” for a CodeVita solution with a “guarantee” that solutions will look different and beat the plagiarism checker, will ask for refund from your “service provider(s)”.

Any time now, combined results for both zones of India Phase will be out. Sincere request to please not ask result date or any procedural questions, in comments. Feel free to express your opinions though!

Next, if this trend of organized cheating continues, it will increase the cost and take fun out of the whole thing. Although, we do not want to, but the following scenarios are not unlikely in the years to come

  • CodeVita may become paid
  • CodeVita may be conducted only in test centers and you will be required to travel
  • One may need to be always-connected on webcam and need high-bandwidth network to participate in CodeVita
  • CodeVita may not extend any internships or job offers and may remain only a contest platform

 Finally, more bad news may await the cheaters when results are declared.


TCS Codevita Season IX performance is as below: Per Minute Evaluation Rate

TCS Codevita Result source: Linkedin
source: Linkedin



TCS Codevita Season 9 2020 Result Link Will Be updated Soon

Official Notice from TCS Codevita regarding plagiarism check Error Analysis: link

tcs result 2020

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Now if we talk about the how much easy it is then it depends on your coding and problem-solving skills 

They enthusiastically participate and try to win the title of “World’ Best Coder” in Tata Consulting services. TCS Codevita registration starts. This news can excite various programmers to show their talent in coding and try to win the competition. TCS also lays a plan to held Campus Recruitment through code vita 2020 competition. Every Year TCS recruits Engineering Graduates via Placement Drive, TCS NQT. Also, TCS Digital Drive recruits candidates directly via TCS CodeVita. Top Ranked programmers get calls directly for Interviews via CodeVita. Recent updates show that TCS CodeVita 2020 (TCS Global Coding Contest) registrations start now. The last day to register for the TCS CodeVita competition is 5th July 2020 by evening 18:30.


Eligibility for TCS Codevita 2020


The eligibility criteria of TCS Codevita 2020 competition are


  • Programmers completing their under graduation from colleges across India in 2021,2022,2023 and 2024 are eligible for this contest.
  • Coders who are applying for TCS Codevita can register from any institutes across India.
  • TCS Codevita 2020 relaxes the eligibility rule by allowing both undergraduate and postgraduate related to engineering/ science background from any college across India.


How to Register for TCS Codevita 2020?


If you don’t know the process for registration of Codevita 2020 then follow the below tutorial to get register for TCS Codevita 2020 :


Process for registration of TCS Codevita 2020 :

  • To get register for the TCS Codevita contest just got this link: Click here to visit Codevita Registration page
  • You will see the below page, just click on Register as shown in below image
  • Now a new page will appear, note that if you are already a member just login otherwise register a new account by typing and verifying email. 
  • Now when you click on verify email you will be redirected to following page, click on Register button and you will be redirected to a new page where you have to fill up your information like name, gender, institute etc.

Please note that it is an individual contest so each individual either will receive a unique code or a unique link at a later stage to take participant in the contest. 

  • Now after successfully signup or if you are already member then login into your account and will see the follow page and click on the Confirm Registration


  • Now when you click on the Confirm Registration a new page will appear like below which confirms that you have successfully registered for the TCS Codevita Contest.


Essential Step for TCS Codevita 2020


Aspirants must have their important documents and files while appearing for the TCS Codevita drive.


TCS CodeVita Season 9 2020 Exam Pattern


The TCS Codevita includes below mentioned three rounds each of the elimination rounds. Candidates need to clear each round to appear for the next round.


  1. Pre- Qualifier Round:


In this round, there will be a 24 hours contest window and each contestant will be given 6 hours to solve the questions. Pre-Qualifier round is completed in India as well as the rest of the world separately. This season there will be two zonal rounds in INDIA for Pre-Qualifier. A candidate will be tagged to one of the two zonal rounds and you can choose any of the 6 hours to start your challenge.


2. Qualifier Round:


This season Qualifier Round (Round 2) will take place after the completion of all the Pre-Qualifier rounds across the world. Top rankers from the zonal rounds globally will get into this round. Each contestant will be handed over with 6 hours to solve & complete this round.


3. Grand Finale:


This round will be held in one of the TCSL offices in India. Top 3 contestants will be declared as winners of the contest. The grand finale is tentatively scheduled to be conducted in the last week of February 2021.


TCS Codevita Exam Date


TCS Codevita registration Starting Date: 15th Aug 2020

TCS Codevita registration Ending Date: 19th Aug 2020


Important points for TCS CODE VITA  for coders


  • Often programmers with immense talent forget their path and require proper reasoning opportunities like TCS Codevita 2020.
  • Below some reasons can show proper opportunity for programmers for opting.
  • TCS Codevita season 9 contest will aid in building program skills which will help applicants make a good future in programming.
  • This course will help aspirants sharpen and enlighten their coding skills.
  • TCS Codevita offers a platform for students to practice as well as showcase their coding knowledge.
  • It also provides exciting career opportunities for candidates and also aids applicants to get jobs in TCS.


Tips for preparing TCS Codevita 


  • An efficient way for preparing for the Season 9 TCS Codevita is by clearing your basics of programming.
  • Data structure and algorithm methods help students reach greater heights in competitive programming.
  • Practicing on various platforms like Hackerrank, CodeChef, Geeksforgeeks will help you achieve efficient programming skills.
  • Learning different programming is one of the common mistakes by programmers. Candidates should focus only on one coding language and gain immense command on it.
  • By clearing for the round 1 candidate can get a direct call from the TCS.
  • Candidates should refer to previous year problems pattern for better visualization of the question paper.
  • Some previous year question paper topics are DFS in memorization, coin sum, Dijkstra and Kruskal, DFS and BFS, pattern mapping, min-cost path, segment trees, etc.
  • Candidates need to be thorough with the basics of programming for the contest.
  • Participants can also prepare for the contest in less than a week’s time interval with their programming basics cleared.

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State-Wise List: South India List

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