Google and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai; Dear class of 2020

Google and Alphabet CEO Message: Somewhere you must be the wondering year 2020 is full of curse. Clouds of terror surround every human living on this earth. Due to the Coronavirus, all across the globe, people are captivated in their houses. During this time, lockdown is the only step which a government can take. Awarding people about the deadly virus. Therefore, this deadly virus keeps on spreading due to contacts. This is the most important and disappointing nature of this virus.

Moreover, precautions, preventions and people are still hard working. The fight between human and virus is terrific. Without any medicine, shield and future predictions, we are still surviving. The country which suffers from the Coronavirus. They had declared lockdown earlier. WHO had declared it as a pandemic. Some say pandemic comes after 100 years. Some say God is cursing as for ill-treating nature. We really don’t know the cause.

Moreover, whatever is happening. It leads to the worst impact on education. The college students and job seekers are tensed about their future. Undoubtedly, anybody can feel so. They are not getting a clue. They are feeling hopeless and useless.

Dear Class Of 2020

YouTube Originals updated a video on YouTube. Google and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai addressed the class of 2020 on Sunday. The video and graduation ceremony named as ‘Dear Class Of 2020’.He shared his life experience, strength, growth, difficulties, opportunities. He said some truths about his life. This ceremony included former President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama, Beyoncé, BTS, and Lady Gaga. He shared a virtual stage to guide graduates.

Thankful to Sundar Pichai!

He said, “In bleak moments like these, it can be difficult to find hope. So let me skip right to the end and tell you what happens: You will prevail.” By saying this, he meant. The graduates might be grieving about this year. They were ready to celebrate the opportunity for them. Now, they find bleaks everywhere.

He mentioned some examples of past years. In order to make viewers and listeners correlate present with past. He said that 100 years ago, the class of 1920 also graduated during a deadly pandemic, 50 years ago, the class of 1970 graduated in the midst of the Vietnam War, and nearly 20 years ago, the class of 2001 graduated months before 9/11.

He had observed carefully. These years were crucial but still courageous. So, the year 2020 should learn from these adventurous years.

Google and alphabet CEO Message

Further, he talked about three things: the first one is hopeful, second be impatient and third be open. 

According to Sundar Pichai, “The long arc of history tells us we have every reason to be hopeful.”

Watch the whole video on YouTube:

Be Hopeful!

Furthermore, he continued saying that the progress of one generation, is the foundational premise for the other one. He said that he grew up with very little access to technology. Got his first telephone when he was 10 years old. Not having much access to a computer until he came to America in the early 90s for graduate school. Under one Television he got, he had only one channel in it. He finds our generation has many commands on technology. We used each and every shape and size of technology. Anywhere, anytime we can find whatever we want to. The growth of technology shows a path of hope. Eventually, we are dependent on technology.

Be Impatient!

Although, one can be frustrated due to the past mishaps of the old generation. The environment is dynamic. Changes are known for betterment for well being. Impatient will create progress which the world needs. We the present generation are creators. We are more experienced and advanced than in the past generation. Hence, we have the capacity and ability to create better ways. Maybe we are not confirmed or unplanned. Still, our ideas and work will help us. The successor of impatient will be open-minded.

Be open-minded!

We need to find what really makes us happy and hard working. The field which interests us the most. For him, it is a technology and so he is Google and Alphabet CEO. After his graduation, he wanted to execute his plans to create something great. When he landed in California, he found the US was expensive. A phone call cost him $2 money.

Old photo of Google and Alphabet CEO: Sundar Pichai.

He found the internet will be the best way to make technology accessible to more people. Therefore, he was now surrounded by the internet. He missed his family, friends and girlfriend in India. He kept his dedication alive. Lately, when he realized people need a platform to explore. He changed his course and pursued Google. He launched Chrome in 2009. Chrome helped Google to develop on affordable laptops and phones. This helped in providing equal information to people in villages, schools or any part of the world.

He achieved this position by a deep passion for technology and exploration. He advised to take time and decide what interest you the most. You can do what one expects from you or society expects from you. The upcoming years and generation should remember not what class of 2020 lost but what you changed.

Lastly wrapping up the speech he said, “You have a chance to change everything, I’m optimistic you will. “

Sundar Pichai message to class of 2020.


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