A$AP Ferg is not a part of A$AP Mob anymore

A$AP Ferg leaves A$AP Mob in a bad note. It seems there were problems going on between the other members of A$AP and Ferg for a long. It ended in a bad note I must say.

A heated argument between A$AP Bari and A$AP Ferg confirms the news. Earlier A$AP Illz also put a light in the speculation and Bari just confirmed it. Earlier this week Illz took his Instagram account to insult Ferg inform that he’s no more a part of the A$AP mob.


In the same post when A$AP Illz specification questioned A$AP Bari came out of rescue and commented “He said what he said”, confirming the issue.

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It’s really disheartened to see A$AP Ferg is no longer a part of the Mob. What could be the possible reason of such fall out between the members is not clear yet. Ferg chose to keep a mum on the issue and refrain to comment anything on this.

He was one of the most popular faces of A$AP Mob and his sudden quit will definitely affect the Mob.

A$AP Ferz
A bad phage for A$AP Mob

“Damn right I ain’t no yes man but you n***as don’t respect that s**t. Y’all rather have a n***a who’s not even halfway on my level around just cause he a Yes man do whatever you want at the snap of your fingers, s**t goofy. They have been calling me the Golden Child for years now and it’s not for no reason… I have been to him.”  A$AP Illz said in another story and also posted a thread of texts where Ferz is seen asking him for a call.

Seems terms went rough between the members and turned into an ugly spat. They are leaving no stone underneath to insult each other.

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