Elvis Presley’s alive: New evidence suggests

ELVIS PRESLEY fans have been focusing on theories that suggest that the star had faked his death, but new proof revealed will make even the strongest deniers look twice. A former employee of Elvis spoke out about a sighting. So Elvis Presley’s Alive! Nobody knows for sure. But since the king of rock n roll had died 43 years ago on 16th August 1977 there have been many theories regarding his death.  The star was allegedly seen getting into a helicopter. Elvis Presley’s alive: Could the king have been making a quick exit from Graceland?

How did Elvis Presley die?

Elvis girlfriend of the time, Ginger Alden, had told about her moments with Elvis in her autobiography, she also described the tragic situation in which she had found him on the day of his death. According to her take on the events, it is implied he had died while sitting on the toilet. While others had reported he was in his bathroom.  A report by the Daily Express’ Brian Vine, reported that Elvis had died in hospital, with the front-page story reading: “Elvis Presley, the King of Rock, died in hospital last night after being taken ill at his home”.

Many have suggested in their version of the King’s death that he had several health problems before he had died.


Elvis Presley's Alive
Elvis Presley: King of Rock n Roll

In 1973 it was rumored that Elvis had been admitted to a hospital because of an overdose. And in the same article, it was declared that  Elvis was suffering from several other health issues. Including his bowel being “twice the length, it should have been and was filled with stools at least four months old”. After all these varied accounts, Cardiac arrest was declared as the cause of his death. Though his drug use was widely believed to be the cause.

With so much conspiracy surrounding the King’s death, many fans are in strong denial and claim that Elvis Presley’s Alive.

So Elvis Presley’s Alive?

The new proof suggests that Elvis Presley’s Alive. A former employee had opened up about seeing Elvis getting into a helicopter in Graceland.

Monte had explained in a documentary: “One day, he showed up at work and had pictures of Elvis Presley getting in а helicopter which looked like а government helicopter.

“There were men surrounding Elvis that looked like government agents.

“The curious thing about this picture is this individual claimed it was taken several hours after Elvis allegedly died at Graceland.”

So if was to be believed, then that would mean Elvis didn’t аctuаlly die when he was officially declared dead.

Through the years a lot of rumors have claimed that Presley was involved with the FBI. That is why he had gone into a witness protection program.

Other rumors have suggested he made cameo аppeаrаnces in films, such as the 1990 film Home Alone.

But then if Elvis was in hiding all along why would he expose himself in films? Well nobody knows.

Do you think Elvis Presley’s Alive?

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