HackwithInfy 2020- Result Out

The results of Hack With Infy 2020 round 1, a coding contest for engineering students passing in 2021, are set for the announcement. The results has announced at around 8 PM today . The result of candidates who participated in the first round of this HackWithInfy contest January 2020, that was held on March 29 & 30, 2020, will be published online here

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The participants would also be informed of their results through intimation at their registered email and mobile number (with Infosys).
Usually, the round 1 results is declared within 6-10 days of the end of contest, however, the currently enforced lockdown due to the Coronavirus
crisis has caused the delay but despite this infosys is ready with the results.



HackWithInfy 2020 results
The registrations are done through InfyTq, the results of which were released two months ago.

HackWithInfy contest is held in three rounds;

Round 1 is over, and was held on March 29 & 30, 2020. Results are getting announced.

Round 2 has been postponed until further announcement from Infosys Career’s cell.

Top 100 participants in round 2 will be called for final round, currently scheduled for July 3-6, 2020. This final round is held at Infosys Pune
venue and is on-campus team formation 24 hours hackathon.
These 100 participants also get a pre-placement interview offer from Infosys as Power Programmer.
The HackWithInfy 2020 winner (first place) will get a prize of Rs 2 lakh, while first runner up and second runner up will receive cash reward of
Rs 1 lakh and Rs 50,000 respectively along with interview opportunity as power programmer.

All information regarding HackWithInfy 2020 contest is available here at Infosys Career portal. And candidates should also check their respective
e-mail and mobile numbers registered with Infosys for their results if the website is not showing there result.

As due to the current lockdown internet facilities are not up to the mark. And in such situation candidates should show patience as Infosys is
trying its best to give the information to every student corresponding.

And Infosys prays for well being of every student and their family. STAY SAFE.

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  1. I heard this year Infosys not hireing SES role by HWI is it true???
    And even in his website this thing is not mention there.only they give pre placement offer for PP role and only for top 100 participants.

  2. I got selected…But my friend who attempted more questions than me…
    Haven’t received any mail yet ?
    To whom should I contact Sir ?

  3. Sir…I haven’t got selected in hack with infy…Can u suggest me any other exam like this ?
    Please Sir ! ??


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