Mali is a landlocked country in West Africa which is going under serious threat to the unitary semi-presidential republic. Mali which one of the largest producers of gold and salt of Africa is considered a well to do country, which is going under a threat of being ruined by the hands of BagdadiISIS. the history of Mali links to the french colonial rule from the late 19th century and has formed a unitary semi-presidential government. Islamic African Mali–>ReadMore

In the recent years, the Tuareg rebels have broken out and taken control of the northern territory, these include the people from the ISIS troops and Bagdadi terrorist organization which has caused an armed conflict which the country as the army seizes the troops .the french military has launched several military operations since 2013 but all these practices have been temporary.

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Mali also being one of largest producers of gold and salt in Africa is known for their agriculture which is seen beneficial for the ISIS troops and make a casual place for hiding .the original constitution of Mali; Malian have been replaced by a fundamental constitution in 1968 which created a multi-party system. although the citizens of Mali were unhappy after several courses of the fight, the fundamental law was accepted and after several other reforms in June 2017, the government announced new amendments in the constitution which are is the source of growing rebellion in the country.

the people claim that after the reform, the government will have full control and the fundamental rights of the citizen would be in danger :
  • Extra powers to the president
  • Create new regions
  • Establish a new senate chamber
  • Recognize claims by Tuaregs in north by labeling their desert province as “AZAWAD

the extra powers of the government would be secured under the reform will be able to nominate of a quarter of senate and remove prime minister at will, the reform also agrees within the terms to give rebels their captured territory in the north.

the people have revolted against the government and caused a chaotic situation in the country, the Islamic gunmen and the terrorist troops have been taking advantage of the civil situation and in the process killing several men and military people in Timbuktu, many of the French soldiers were killed in the crossfire.

the questionable round to humanity had let us believe the similar situations in Syria are similar to Mali?

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