Opening Up America Again: Donald Trump unveils three-phase plan to reopen states

US President Donald Trump announced a three-phase road map to re-open the country’s economy for the states.
The guidelines are known as “Opening Up America Again”. According to Donald Trump, the guidelines are formulated to ease restrictions in areas with low transmission of the COVID-19 infection. The region or state must have seen a downward trajectory in the number of new COVID-19 cases over a period of two weeks before the plan’s phase one can begin.
The administration’s guidance document explicitly mentions three phases in a detailed manner in how the states will reopen their economies. Although the guidelines do not suggest any specific dates of reopening, Donald Trump acknowledged that it will be a gradual process. The guidelines include some recommendations too such as personal hygiene,
Phase One:
• It is designed to reduce the risk of resurgence.
• This phase will permit large public venues, such as theatres, restaurants and places of worship to reopen only under certain physical distancing protocols.
• While the vulnerable individuals should continue to stay at home and low-risk individuals must continue social distancing.
Phase Two:
• It only applies to regions with no evidence of a resurgence or rebound.
• Visits to hospitals, healthcare centers and similar locations would remain prohibited.
• However, schools, and daycare centers, can reopen.
• Also, with fewer occupancy rates, bars can open as well.
• Non-essential travel might resume also.
• Public venues might start easing social distancing restrictions.
Phase Three:
• The third phase is also for areas with no evidence of a rebound, while this stage has fewer restrictions than the second phase.
• Even vulnerable individuals would have more freedom, but ought to abide by the norm of social distancing.
• Bars, under the third phase, will be permitted to increase their standing room capacity.
Situation getting grimmer in the US:
Last week, around 5 million US citizens filed jobless claims, taking the total laid off since the lockdown to more than 22 million.
The shocking unemployment numbers indicate 13.5% of the American workforce has been sidelined thanks to lay-offs by the companies.
As of April 17, in the US, there are roughly 685,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and around 35,481 patients have died so far, according to the data compiled by Worldometer.
Globally, the total number of Coronavirus cases in the world has surpassed the mark of two million.

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