Everything You Need to Know About Babyface’s Spouse, Nicole Pantenburg, During Their Divorce

Kenneth Edmonds, better known as Babyface, is a well-known 64-year-old from his wildly popular singing and record-producing career. The R&B singer has been nominated for 50 Grammy awards in all! The songs “Every Time I Close My Eyes,” “Never Keeping Secrets,” and others are among his best-known compositions. With his upcoming performance at Super Bowl LVII on February 12th, he will also reach a career peak. But when the singer isn’t busy recording music in the studio, he is frequently seen with his 49-year-old ex-wife Nicole Pantenburg. In light of their recent divorce, here is all you need to know about her and their marriage.

Who Is Babyface’s Wife?

Nicole Patenberg’s resume shows she is more than simply the wife of a mega-celebrity, as seen by her relationship with Babyface in 2007. She is also a gifted actor and dancer. She was a backup dancer for Janet Jackson, who is said to be one of her close friends. In the backdrop of Jackson’s music video for her single “If” from 1997, Patenberg may be seen.

Patenberg got a few supporting parts in movies and TV shows other than dancing. She acted in the comedy Chasing and Longshot Papi‘s official IMDb profile, he played a dancer on That ’70s Show and had recurring roles in Moesha and For Your Love.

She played Teresa, a high school student who befriends Moe, in a few episodes of Season 2 of Moesha. When Moesha’s best friend Kim accuses Teresa of trying to push up on her boyfriend Q, out of jealousy for their friendship, their relationship comes to an end. After becoming suspicious, Moesha confronts Teresa about it, which she vigorously denies. However, the damage has already been done, and Teresa and Kim challenge one another to a fight in the school’s boxing ring.

Babyface and his wife announced their divorce in 2021

After dating Pantenburg for seven years, Babyface married her in 2014. Among the celebrity guests was Oprah Winfrey.

He startled his audience by announcing his engagement during an engagement with Toni Braxton on BET. During their Q&A session, she posed the following question to her lifelong partner: “Would you ever consider getting married again?” “I’ve thought about it,” he said. Yes, I am engaged.

Announcing their divorce in 2021 was the producer and writer of the Waiting to Exhale soundtrack. “We have decided to end our marriage after giving it a lot of thought and with a great deal of sadness. In a joint statement to TMZ, the former couple said, “We continue to love and respect one another and share an eternal love for our daughter and her well-being. We request personal privacy for our daughter and ourselves as we take these new steps together, they said.


It’s unknown what caused the breakup. Peyton Nicole, their 14-year-old daughter, is their only daughter together. From a previous marriage with Tracey Edmonds, Babyface has two adult boys. Deion Sanders and Tracey are now partners.

In their divorce, Babyface mandated to pay his ex-wife $37K every month

Details of Babyface and Pantenburg’s divorce have been made public, and she is getting a hefty settlement. They will reportedly have joint custody of their 14-year-old daughter and be obliged to consult one another before making any decisions involving her.

Both child support and spousal support agreed upon by Babyface and Pantenburg. Until 2027, he will provide Pantenburg with $37,500 every month. His payments will start as soon as he finally leaves their previous family home.

He has already continued. He made his red-carpet debut with his new girlfriend, Babyface Entertainment general manager Rika Tischendorf, over the Grammy 2023 weekend.

His Previous Marriages

Babyface’s third wife was Nicole. Denise was the first wife of the “Every Time I Close My Eyes” singer, although his second marriage was more well-known. From 1992 through 2005, he married to his second wife, Tracey Edmonds. Nicole and Babyface started dating in 2007; they dated for seven years before getting married on May 17, 2014.

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