Ferrari To Use Rocket Thruster For Its Future Sportscar

Ferrari future sportscar

Italian sportscar brand, Ferrari, has been reported to be working on a new technology that is similar to what Tesla had planned for its next-generation Roadster. According to The Drive, Ferrari may integrate a rocket thruster in its future sportscar. Tesla’s patented technology added to the US Patent database.

The patented technology, known as the pulsejet system. It is similar to what Elon Musk once described for the next-gen Tesla Roadster’s SpaceX package. Tesla aimed to use cold gas or compressed air thrusters for improved off-the-line acceleration and even hovering capabilities. Ferrari’s pulsejet system may also use compressed air thrusters to enhance acceleration.

In addition to the improved acceleration, Ferrari’s patent also claims that the technology will aid in braking and handling. The patent filing reveals that the car will have compressed air tanks or liquid fuel technology at the front, rear, and sides. It is similar to the rocket thrusters used in spaceships. The system will be integrated with the mainframe. It will have a series of outward-facing nozzles that can generate air jets for pneumatic thrust.

However, unlike Elon Musk’s vision for the next-gen Tesla Roadster, Ferrari’s patent does not reveal if the pulsejet technology will allow the car to hover. Nevertheless, the addition of the rocket thruster technology could bring a new level of excitement. Along with innovation to the sportscar industry.

Ferrari’s patented technology of integrating a rocket thruster in its future sportscar is an exciting development in the automotive industry. The possibility of improved acceleration, braking, and handling capabilities, as well as the integration of cutting-edge technology, could make Ferrari’s new sportscar a game-changer in the industry.


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