Fire breaks out at liquefied natural gas plant in Iran

Fire breaks out at liquefied natural gas plant in Iran, making another a string of fires that have hit sensitive Iranian facilities. This fire occurred in the early hours of July14, 2020. The fire was quickly brought under control but The damage is still unknown. Another concern for Iranian is the potential pattern that is beginning to emerge. Other fires were reported at  sensitive Iranian facility in the last few weeks. One at a military facility near Tehran. That fire resulted in an explosion on or near a military facility. Another at an uranium enrichment Facility. That fire damage the facility but no information is available on how severely. A question on the mind of anyone following these fire breaks out must be “Are they connected?” A very good question ask.


Fire breaks out

A fire breaks out at any of these facilities is already suspect as all three are sensitive and secure location. However, one possibility is that maintenance at all three facilities was lacking. If that’s the case, then something as innocuous as faulty wiring or some similar industrial error could start the fires. Though it is difficult to explain how three such facilities experience such poor maintenance in so close to time range.

Another possibility is some form of deliberate sabotage, perhaps by a pyromaniac who enjoys igniting to facilities. Given that all three facilities are in cities near highway that would allow an individual to travel quickly between them. The amount of time between the fires would also be just right or a careful to scout out the facilities. Then take their time in identifying an appropriate spot to ignite the fire. it’s important to note that this is hypothetical. Which is all that is possible until the rain announces why a fire breaks out at these facilities.

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