Firework video Creator Challenge for India, top winners will receive contracts worth RS 5 crore

Firework video Creator Challenge for India, top winners will receive contracts worth RS 5 crore. The short video platform firework launched the competition or Indian video creators on Sunday August, 9th 2020. The individual who place in the top five of the various categories will receive contracts ranging from RS 5 crore to RS 25 lakh in cash. Firework stated goal for the competition is for video creators show off their skills in a chaotic and challenging environment. Additionally, the platform launched the competition to tap into the vast talents India has. Also, they are hoping to help talented individuals launch their careers as video creators.



Firework Creator Challenge

Firework video Creator Challenge for India is a competition that will last for the next three weeks. A participant has to create a 30 seconds video on one of five categories. The competition will be using fireworks interactive story banner as the format for the videos. Additionally, the five categories the contestants have to choose are fitness/beauty, food, fashion, travel/auto, and LGBTQ pried. After the set amount of time entries ends the contest judging will be. This will consist of a firework jury will determine the 25 winners, consist of the five best from the categories. In other words, the top five videos from the five will be the winners. The exact nature of who will be on the firework jury has not been revealed as of yet.

However, the criteria for a win has been announced as part of the competition rules. Specifically, Firework Creator Challenge videos will be based on how creative they are and also the popularity of the video. The videos will be available on firework network platform homesite in India. A fireworks spokesman stated that the competition is intended to optimize the creative growth potential of potential users. It’s also important, that the competition has been launched along with the announcements occupational content creator categories on fireworks platform. Indeed, Firework Creator Challenge is probably trying to identify some of the first content creators for these new categories.

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