Quantum plan will be ready in a few months; we aren’t irreversibly behind others: Prof Ashutosh Sharma

Quantum technology expand rapidly. Unlike all other exponential technologies. It  is emerging and  very disruptive. In 2018 an initiative taken from Department of Science and Technology on quantum technology stared.  Even the mission has a private partnership.

Quantum technology is a vast topic. So to know more Prof Ashutosh Sharma (Secretary, DST) started mapping of researchers in the country. surprisingly the survey went well. His team noted what are the workings, on what aspects of quantum technology, kind of infrastructure used or potential available. Even availability of human resources and how they need to be trained.

In 2018 a scheme for three years with Rs 186 crore made. Though over 100 PhD students and nearly 100 research groups were there in the area.

National quantum technology mission

Till now half a dozen meetings done. Likewise within upcoming weeks Detailed drafted DPR will get ready. Due to lockdown the progression has stopped or slowed down. But in the another upcoming months the mission is to start. Well the mission and target to set by institute of quantum technologies. However, the structure is extremely critical. But the mission is very interesting in various aspects.

Composition of this apex committee

The apex committee to have one-third representation from all stakeholders. Academia and R&D to own one-third share. Whereas a third share to be owed by ministry to present their demands.

Undergrad to PhD and post-doctoral programmes to fill for human resource. Hub-spoke-spikes model to follow.

Other missions can go along with the government’s quantum vision

Super computing mission is now fully on. Earlier it was decided to import. But now they are assembling and even partly producing supercomputers in India only. Six supercomputers were made, three installed and few more to be installed within a month. Also 12 more to come next year.

Private partnerships

A contract given to a French company, which has set up its base in Pune. The mission has a private partnership based on a global tender.

The next step

New science, technology and innovation policy is on board.By the end of the year, it will be ready.

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