Living in a noisy world, where people are always on the go and constant distractions can be a barrier to focusing. There is a thin line between focusing and deciding between options and situations. In our daily lives, we go through numerous situations and deal with them. Ever realized that how we complete tasks in given deadlines? Is because the deadline is urgent, which makes us take a decision.
What is the switching cost? In psychological terms is it when we interrupt and jump from one task to another and face disruption in our work due to constantly shifting our focus. As humans we are always in a hurry and try multi-tasking. Ever realizing that we do not focus on both tasks at the same time but keep shifting our focus back and forth.

         Focusing on the priorities :

Preparing a list of all tasks and priorities that one wants to complete this week. And afterwards tick the ones, prioritizing them according to importance. The selection of a few tasks out of the main list means that the rest is avoided. Until the selected ones are successfully achieved. This helps in prioritizing, focusing, and eliminating certain tasks or goals that might not be as important.

         Motivation : A desire to do better

Measuring our tasks and things we consider important helps focus, concentrate, and improve. Measuring results help in getting a clear picture of improvement or deterioration. It also helps in knowing oneself. Whether time and effort put in certain dimensions are important and worth it or not.

Knowing oneself and one’s abilities to do certain jobs helps to focus. Forcing oneself for a certain job which is not one forte does not help. To do better and become good in a specific field, one has to first fall in love with the process of it. Focusing on the process rather on the goal leads to better results.

To focus better one has to first start before feeling ready. People often have conflicts with deciding. Committing to a specific task and getting it completed rather than learning how to focus and concentrate. We all have the ability to focus and concentrate, but only if we decide what is important to us and what we want to commit to accomplishing. To accomplish something or the desire to become something, deciding and taking a decision is useful when one knows what one wants and is clear to go on the run

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