Motivation is internal, personal and comes from within. A personal desire to do better and come out better. To interact and produce high quality results testing ones ability and enjoying the satisfaction of the task at the end.

The author Steven Pressfield, quoted “At some point, the pain of not doing it becomes greater than the pain of doing it.” The common misconception we have of motivation is that it comes after watching, listening or reading motivational speeches or writings.

Scheduling an important step towards motivation :

Active inspiration can be a way better and powerful motivation.
Finishing a task is way easier than starting it in the first place , hence it is always advisable to give it an easy start. Scheduling our day helps a lot with motivation, not having a specific time to write or work out results in forcing oneself to gain willpower to do so everyday .

Setting a schedule most likely makes one follow it regardless of your motivational level at that point. Working according to a schedule makes one follow a systematic pattern and routine and required no dependency of motivation or inspiration .

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Stop waiting for motivation or inspiration , strike a schedule for your habits and watch how it goes through, waiting for motivation will lead no where.

Making motivating a habit is not as difficult as thought :-

1. A simple pre game routine is not a heavy task – example my cycling routine starts with wearing my cycling shoes. The starting is most essential in any task. Often for some motivation comes after the beginning of a task, hence a start is very important.

2. The routine should be mentally and physically motivating – unmotivated and depressing makes one slouch and melt on the couch. Wheres one is more energized, motivated and enthusiastic when engaged in a physical activity as it makes one feel mentally engaged and energized.

3. Following it everyday – pre–game routine creates a series of events that one always performs before doing a specific task. Pre game routine also solves the task of what to do next. Often one feels demotivated when boredom strikes or when difficulty arises.

Here , one should pull back to the task where one is confident about capabilities and abilities and feels challenged

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