Whatever we say, how many tries we can make, it is not going to get back. The words which once spoken, is being echoed again and again in the mind castle.
So ,what is happiness?
If you ask from me, I would say , happiness is something which resides in ourself and we do the things either to conserve what we have or to multiply it. When I remained away from people, enjoying my stuffs, I felt loneliness but I was happy because the happiness inside remained conserved. But from where did this happiness inside me came from?

It was from the believe on myself that I have never done bad things and I am a good human being . I obey teachers , parents and elders, learn and practise good things and hope for good for others. I give my best in the things I do and I like doing things. My primary sport was discovering new places. I like extremes that way, extreme emotions , extreme feelings and extreme effort and therefore I am much sophisticated.

I never used to them so I remain untouched, and this thing make me to conserve myself . Always learnt things easily , thanks to my papa who taught me my primary education. I resist from temptations so my mind got it’s unnatural strength which I did not find in other children of my age.

I see that people are running for earning. In my childhood I see my father continuously working in a job for more than thirty plus years daily . I think I have not that much patience. I think I am not an industry material. So , I think I can not follow this earn run. I want more adventure in life. I do not want to busy with my stuff when anyone of my friends need me or wants to
meet me at least.

As a person I study because its interesting to know things and it increases confidence when we make marks out of such interests. I don’t understand what they try to make us in learning those laws of physics and learning chemical reactions. They try to make us robot without any human considerations. I am fed of studying the same history and doing similar aptitude questions for government exam competitions again and again. The present working system is the result of industrial revolution .I have one good reason for not doing the job.

Almost all of the companies to which the education system direct us leads to the atmospheric pollution and global warming one way or the other and working for these companies is the step in supporting their activities. But the thing is, we do not able to judge the facts at the smaller age.
I taught myself whatever the education system could try me to teach . I always wondered why they not show how to deal with the people. If they do not, then how people are going to learn it . No sooner had I learned that it is rather practical . So they try to keep it that way. But if , one does not or can not do it practical then?

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