Social media :a boon or a bane

A tool and due to advancement of technology, websites and applications that allow people to create and share content, participate in networking and gaining knowledge from all parts of the world. The question arises whether it is a boon or a bane? This debatable topic divides opinion – some ae amazed whereas some are also worried about the impact.
In the 21st century, social media sites are not only used for socializing, creating and gathering knowledge. But also used by officials, researchers, government for business and official purposes as well.
Different social media sites provide different purposes. Ex- LinkedIn provides a space for professionals whereas snapchat provides a space for teenagers.

Social networking sites bring people together where people can find new ones and stay in touch with family. And loved ones all over the world with just one touch. Whereas it can also ruin relationships where people can see ones activities and develop jealousy. The extensive use of social media has physically pulled families away. Birthdays, celebrations and festivals are wished in a minute over texts instead of phone calls and ringing a bell on doors. The emotional, cultural and sentimental values and attachments are slowing fading away into the modern era of advancement of technology.
It attracts attention and improves client base and business reputation with minimal use of advertisements .

At the same time reduces workers productivity and opens the possibility for hackers to create fraud and crime. And try to trap innocent people into online scams resulting in identity theft.

As mentioned it is also a breath of knowledge for students as it allows them to get connected to a broader base of opinions and world views through global connections. But as every step taken forward can also lead to taking 2 steps backwards if not used in the right way. Social media also has a lot of cases of students getting addicted. And flunking in their academic endeavours due to misusing it in the wrong way.

Social media has huge potential audience and the possibility of a message going viral. It is an excellent medium to promote content and help with organic search. It offers the lowest cost of marketing and a closer connection with clients. But as said every step or decision comes with drawbacks as well. It is hard to control as it is open publicly and worldwide, as well as hard to measure the return on investment. Last but not the least , it can also at times provide with false and unreliable information.
Everything comes with certain pros and cons. It is our duty and responsibility to be conscious enough and use this platform in the best way possible for us as a society to benefit from the advancement of technology.

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