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For Honor Tier List Best and worst character classes[S,A,B,C,D] | Ubisoft Offical

For Honor Tier list
For Honor

For Honor Tier List | Best and worst character classes: In this article, we are going to walk you through the video game For Honor, we will provide information on its release date, publisher, and platforms its available on. We will also go through a generalized plot of it, show a trailer of it, go through its list of Factions, along with the tiers and best and worst characters 

Is For Honor GOOD 2020?

For Honor was released On February 14, 2017, on the following platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 as well as Xbox One. Its designer is: Alessandro Foschi and its publisher is: Ubisoft.

Plot: For Honor Tier List

There is a natural catastrophe that occurs and results in fearless warriors that go against one another in an attempt to fight over various areas and resources. Apollyon is a bloodthirsty warlord that believes people of the knights, Vikings, and Samurai have gotten too weak as he wants to create an age of all-out war by utilizing manipulation of faction.


FOR HONOR – {Tier List}

Cinematic Story Trailer (E3 2016) on YouTube. Below is a YouTube video that displays a trailer.


Currently, there are four factions in For Honor which include the following:

  • Knights
  • Vikings
  • Samurai

Including a fourth faction: the Wu Lin.

There are also all-together seven combatants between the Knight, Viking, and Samurai factions, and an additional five in Wu Lin. Making a total of twenty-six heroes.

Viking faction [For Honor Tier List]

Viking faction features the following:

  • Raider: is a Vanguard-class warrior fighting possesses a Dane axe.
  • Warlord: is a Heavy class warrior equipped who has a Viking sword.
  • Berserker is an Assassin with hand axes in both of his hands.
  • Valkyrie: is a Hybrid class fighter who utilizes a spear and shield.
  • Highlander: is known as a Hybrid who is stylized as a Scottish warrior.
  • Shaman: is an Assassin class fighter with a well known feral fighting style.
  • Jormungandr: lastly is a Heavy class warrior who uses a powerful war hammer.

Samurai faction [ For Honor Tier List ]

Samurai faction features the following:

  • Kensei: who is a Vanguard-class warrior that wields a nodachi
  • Shugoki: is also a Heavy class combatant that uses his weight and a kanabo
  • Orochi: is a katana-wielding Assassin who uses a flurry of chained blows
  • Nobushi: is a Hybrid class fighter that is known for being an expert at keeping enemies at distance.
  • Shinobi: is known as an Assassin class fighter and is known for utilizing elusive moves to keep the enemy guessing.
  • Aramusha: is known as a Hybrid class warrior with two katanas.
  • Hitokiri: is known as a Heavy class warrior and is also a former executioner who uses a masakari.

Wu Lin faction [For Honor Tier List]

Wu Lin faction features the following:

  • Tiandi: is a Vanguard-class warrior that wields a da-dao.
  • Jiang Jun: is known as a Heavy class fighter with a guandao at his own disposal.
  • Nuxia: is known as an Assassin wielding dual hook swords.
  • Shaolin, is a Hybrid class fighter who depends on bō and martial arts expertise.
  • Zhanhu: is known as a Hybrid class warrior who can dodge and use of changdao to take our enemies.

Order of Horkos faction

Order of Horkos faction features includes the following:

Warmonger: who is known as a Vanguard-class warrior that uses a flamberge.

For Honor Tier List |Best characters
  • Warden: who belongs to the knight’s faction and hero type is that of Vanguard.
  • Orochi: who belongs to the Samurai faction and hero type is that of Assassin
  • Nobushi: who belongs to the Samurai faction and hero type is that of Hybrid.
  • Lawbringer: who belongs to the knight’s faction and hero type is that of Hybrid
  • Valkyrie: who belongs to the Viking faction and hero type is that of a Hybrid


According to For Honor Tier List,

“Warden: This is hands down the most well-rounded choice, he is also ranked as one of the Best For Honor Classes For 1v1 Dueling and 2v2 Brawling in-the-game. Guaranteed attacks after guard breaks, shoulder bash stuns, and a solid zone attack.”


“U should switch lawbringer with hito. Hito is quite strong, but she can’t be on warden bp lawbringer level. Those heroes can also option select hito mix up, make the match up against hito favor on their side.”

“Orochi doesn’t have a good move set, but when you actually know how to play him as a counter attacker instead of a light spammer you can be pretty well-off.”
“Not the worst I’ve seen. But Lawbringer in anything but S tier is a meme.”

“Why? I mean his bash is reactable unlike the other S tier heros and the only really annoying thing is his top light and maybe his light punish tbh.”

“Lawbringer should be moved up to S, Glad should be moved up to A.”

“Hito should move down to A and Highlander should move down to C imo”

For Honor Tier List |Worst characters
  • Shugoki
  • Aramusha
  • Kensei
  • Highlander
  • Berserker

S Tier of For Honor includes the following:

  • Nobushi
  • Kensei
  • Conqueror
  • Berserker
  • Gladiator

A Tier includes the following:

  • Warlord
  • Valkyrie
  • Orochi
  • Peacekeeper
  • Shinobi
  • Shaman

B Tier includes the following:

  • Raider
  • Warden
  • Aramusha
  • Centurion
  • Lawbringer
  • Shugoki

In closing

I hope you enjoyed the article on For Honor Tier List including the Best and worst character classes, please feel free to share this article with friends and others so they can stay up to date on the latest information on video games and technology.

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