Ford fireworks 2020: No gathering amid COVID

Ford fireworks celebration

Like every year Ford fireworks 2020 celebrated over Lake St. Clair. Detroit river excluded this year amid COVID. The location did not reveal and Detroit mayor Mike Duggan urge people not to come on the street to witness the fireworks.

Ford fireworks 2020
Ford fireworks aired on television

St. Clair Metro Park shut down for the preparation. Authority made sure there would not be any public gathering. It was a pure television event aired on 31st August from 8 pm to 10 pm on Local 4. Anyone could also see the event by clicking

No gathering in the event place

Police patrolling arranged to avoid any uncertain occasion. Visiting the event place made strictly prohibited. “The fireworks will not be visible from anywhere in the city, “If you come down to the river, there won’t be any barges there, there won’t be any fireworks there; it’ll be 20 miles outside the city. So, please enjoy them on TV, but don’t come down looking for them here.” Duggan cleared the condition to the citizen.

The event generally takes place in June but this year it delayed because of the COVID scenario. Citizens all year waiting for the special event and made it a great affair of celebration. But this year they could watch it on television.

Honor the front line workers

Ford fireworks 2020 is an occasion to tribute and honor the frontline workers who are working tirelessly in theĀ  COVID situation. The 62 annual fireworks display carried the theme of ‘we are one together.’ There was a special performance by Lori Key, who made it to national headlines. She sang “Amazing Grace” during the hight of COVID and got applaud for the same.

Other performers included Caleb Carroll, Steffanie Christian, Ali McManus, and Eric Gutman.

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