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The Former President New Game Under Development

The former president new game is successful to raise $42m for his new game Grand Theft Auto competitor, everywhere. Benzies, the former President of Rockster is one of the most important characters behind the development of the GTA series.

But he left the company in 2016 because of some legal dispute. Rockster allegedly sued him over $150 million in unpaid royalties. Benzies claimed the allegation is baseless. However, the case settled in 2018.

Benzies when went to join his work was not allowed to office premises without any prior notice. He informed that the company deactivated his employee card and thus restricted his entry to the office.

Benzies Managed To Get Fund From Investors

The former president of Rockster did not stop there and started his new venture Build a Rocket Boy, an Edinburgh and Budapest-based games studio. Till now he has hired over 130 employees and on the verge to be a successful venture.

For his new game Grand Theft Auto Competitor, he managed to get funds from a few of the investors. Which is indeed great news for the new venture of Benzies. Companies like Cayman fund Makers, Galaxy Interactive, and China megacorp, Netease came forward to invest in the new game of Benzies.

However, instead of managing investors for the former president, the new game is facing a lot of issues. The major issue the company is facing a shortage of employees. Though Build a Rocket Boy manage to hire over 130 employees but already 3 of them left the company for certain reasons.

GTA 6 Is Still In Early Development Period

On the other hand, GTA 6 also making a delay in its development. Dan Houser, Rockstar’s creative lead who was employed there for more than 20 years lest the company. Another employee Lzlow zones also signed his resignation from the company.

GTA6 Delayed

The report suggests that the company faced major problems. Employee recession is the major reason behind this. According to the sources GTA 6 is still in the early development period and no official release date has been confirmed yet.

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