FORTNITE CHEAT, HACKS, AIMBOT READ MORE!! — The popularity of Fortnite since its release in July 2017 has grown immensely to now having over 350 million players, and with Epic Games announcing the release of the new season of the game the numbers are only going to increase.

It is a no-brainer that with this many players and in an already highly competitive Battle Royale game, the will be those that develop hacks and cheat to get ahead in the game.

Epic Games is highly aware of this and they have a very strict no cheat policy. Fortnite has developed and implemented a hardware ban as an anti-cheating system, where they give out a hardware ban as well as an account ban to anyone that is detected to be using and hacks or cheats in the game. But this hasn’t been able to slow down the hacks in the Fortnite games called as Fortnite Cheat.

Epic Gomes’s aggressive hardware ban and developing sophisticated anti-cheat systems such as EAC and BattleEye making it even more difficult to cheat. People have become even more creative to find gaps in these systems and become undetected and continue to cheat.



Cheating sucks the fun of the games and provides an uneven playing field for the contestants, while this doesn’t stop people from cheating anyway. It makes you wonder why people cheat in the first place. People have distinct reasons as to why they would cheat in a game. Some are just highly competitive and they simply want to see their name on top of the list.

The are others that may just want to improve their gaming because they feel that they are struggling with a certain area in the game and want to move with more ease. Some hacks are just pretty cool and you may simply just want to have fun for example the flying car hack, which allows you to fly around in the game with a flying car. — Fortnite Cheat

While others may just simply want to level the playing field and fight fire against fire, it’s frustrating playing against someone who has tricks up their sleeves that helps them get ahead in the game. You may simply want to have a fair chance at playing against them by having a few tricks of your own.



There are several hacks that you may want to use in your online Battle Royale games. These include the most widely used Aimport which allows you to lock into any target in the game and fire at them. There is one you can be a bush and you can move undetected in the game.  There is an impulse grenade, which you throw onto the ground to cushion your fall, it mostly handy when you have runout building materials.  The is instant build, where you will build whatever you need instantly. The is one where you can do all sorts of moves when you fire, you can jump, squat move from left and right when you fire at your enemies.  And save a teammate by pushing a downed teammate to safety. These are only to name a few.

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The Aimbot is a software tool that transferred the work of aiming from the player to the character’s gun. This particularly useful if you have trouble learning to aim or you are using a mouse and keyboard to aim, which does not have the auto-aim function as compared to the controller which puts you at a disadvantage. How it works is that it takes up the information about all the players in the game from the player’s computer.

It then identifies the opponent’s location in the player’s area and points the player’s weapon at the target. You can set a separate key to allow the Aimbot to aim at a particular place on your enemy. But you need to be particularly smart when using the Aimbot to make sure you avoid being caught.

You need to set the configuration in such a way that it appears that you are doing the work. The aimbot has an auto-shoot feature that allows the target to be automatically aimed and shot at whether you were aware of the enemy or not. This allows you to go about the game without any fear of an approaching enemy

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