Galaxy Note 20 May Come With Wireless DeX Mode

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 May Come With Wireless DeX Mode. Although, it won’t be the first of it’s own kind. Samsung is introducing the DeX, the interesting feature to only it’s high end models. Both of smartphones and tablets.

There was a rumor that Samsung was looking for additional support for using DeX. Also, Wireless DeX that is without wires or cables.

And, new we are hearing that the technology might be released by the company. Even, in its latest smartphone model that is Samsung Galaxy Note 20. And, it might release next week.

Samsung DeX

Samsung DeX, is not overall a new or latest feature introduced by the firm. Though, the  primary function of the DeX have remained the same throughout. But, the way DeX worked in different models have variations.

Samsung DeX was firstly introduced in the Samsung Note S8 Models in 2017. It initially required a dock for the functioning. In Galaxy 9 model it introduced using a USB-C to HDMI cable. Also, in Galaxy 10, it could connect to any Windows or Mac books and DeC is capable of functioning in that system or device.

But, all of those models still had a drawback that they required the wires and cables. Samsung is trying to remove that drawback by introducing the latest model Galaxy Note 20 May Come With Wireless DeX Mode. And this will connect to the pc directly or wirelessly.

This is the only revealed feature of Samsung Galaxy Note 20 the latest model of the high level series of Samsung. But, this only feature is a very killer one and people were already waiting for something like this to come up.

We are still waiting fo the exact confirmation that the feature is actually coming up in this Galaxy Note 20 model or not, by the company. If the answer will be positive. This will be a good seller.

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