Garmin Ransomware Attack Launched by Evil Corp

Garmin ransomware attack is in the news currently. The multinational company, Garmin recently faced a ransomware attack. Due to this misfortune, the company is not working with its full capacity. According to reports, The Russian cyber crime gang, Evil Corp is behind the launch of the ransomware attack on the company.

The ransomware has taken down the company’s Customer Service, Navigation solution and several other aspects. An unidentified worker of Garmin revealed this information to ‘Bleeping Computers’.¬† The company is in the process of extotion for an amount of $10 Millions. The extortion amount will be in crypto-currency.

If Garmin pays the ransom, it might face  problems with the US Government. Evil corp has several sanctions against it by the US government. Hence, paying the ransom will create problems for Garmin with the US government. According to Brett Callow, threat analyst at Emisoft, Malware Lab as spoken to Cointelegraph,

” This would seem to create a legal minefield. Payment may be the only way for a company to avoid a catastrophic loss of data, but it may be illegal for the company to make that payment.”

FBI looking for Evil Corp leader
Evil Corp leader is one of the most wanted cyber criminals of FBI

The leader of of the cyber crime gang, Evil corp is a Russian man named, Maksim Yakubets. According to the government, Evil Corp is behind several hacking done over several years. Yakubet is one of the listed criminals by the US government. At one time he was the most wanted criminal by the FBI. The FBI set an award amount of $5 millions after Yakubet. The government has also accused Yakubets and his partner in crime Igor Tursashev of providing assistance to the Russian Government.

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