Garth and Trisha Live Holiday concert- Where to watch, livestream

Garth and Trisha live Holiday concert : see every details about this concer, know where to stream live, timing and every details.


Garth and Trisha all set for live holiday concert :

Life partners Garth and Trisha Yearwood became music partners for a holiday concert.

As we all know this year holidays will be celebrated completely different that’s given. But artists are trying their best to make their fan’s festive season happy and they don’t miss out on anything.

Garth Brooks reveals about this live concert on his official Twitter handle. So let’s get into it. More details about this upcoming live concert, it’s timing, where to watch, and live-streaming.

All about their live Holiday concert :

It’s has been around 9 months now Fans around the world are used to virtual concerts.  Broadcasts like the VERZUZ battle is a big hit in recent months. And it got millions of views. Many artists opted for virtual concerts so this concert during the holidays is more than welcome.

Garth and Trisha live holiday concert
Garth and Trisha live Holiday concert

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Garth and Trisha will hold this live holiday concert for around an hour. And songs requested by their fans were sung by them in this session. As seen in a little snippet shared by Garth Brooks on Twitter. This musical session will be set in the comfort of their home. And you can enjoy it through your screen.

So, let’s see where and when you can watch it

Where to watch?

As all revealed details say that you can watch this live musical session on  CBS at 8 pm ET on December 20th.

If you missed this by any chance this one hour concert, all you have to do is go to the next day and watch it. This holiday concert will be available on all CBS sites & networks.

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Want to watch this musical concert live? Read here:

As described earlier you can watch Garth and Trisha holiday concert live on various CBS platforms. You can enjoy this musical concert in any device be it android or PlayStation. All you have to do is have access to CBS apps/ services.

However, YouTube TV And Hulu TV will also make a great option in this

However, this not the first virtual live concert on CBS for this couple. They also had a concert in April. But this time they will focus more on Holiday songs. Trisha has also tweeted recently asking for song recommendations.

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