Harry Styles stylist Reveals love affair with Louis Tomlinson

Harry styles stylist love affair revelations- what he has to say about harry styles and louis Tomlinson relationship. See details


Harry styles stylist love affair revelation!

Harry styles stylist love affair revelations have shocked many fans. If you are an artist or that globally recognized, you will always be the talk of the town. Especially artists like Harry styles who have millions of fan following. One such revelation is done by Harry styles stylist about his love affair.

So what’s new grown man dating and all. But the twist is his stylist Luo Teasdale confirmed that Harry styles and his former bandmate Louis Tomlinson were in a relationship. This came as a shock because at that time Tomlinson was in a relationship with girlfriend Eleanor Calder.

Fans were right? Was there really something special between Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson?

There are many instances when fans want to see one member with another. Harry and Louis are always great with each other and their supporters were quick to notice them. There are dozens of videos available on YOUTUBE to claim that they are together.

After Harry Styles’s stylish statements it seems to be true. However, no such explanatory statements have been made by both former bandmates.

What else this Luo Teasdale has today about Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson:

It seems like Teasdale has known very much about one direction members. He also revealed that the styles and Tomlinson couple chose to keep their relationship secret within the staff as well. And they tried their best not to cause any disruption between bandmates because of their relation.

Harry styles stylist love affair
Harry styles stylist reveals a love affair

Harry and Louis dating life separately:

Styles has dated many celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Taylor swift. He has quite a history in the area of dating.

Whereas, Louis Tomlinson has dated Elenor Calder for 3-4 years on and off and had a son with his good friend Briana Jungwirth.

Their careers :

After splitting up with the band both of them have their solo careers and doing quite well. Recently Harry style’s song watermelon sugar got a great response.

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Conclusion :

After Harry styles stylists love affair revelation with Louis Tomlinson it is cleared that fans of the duo were not wrong. And at least there was something in the air.
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