GE 2020: PAP wins with 61.24% of vote

GE 2020: PAP wins with 61.24% of vote; WP claims two GRCs included in new Sengkang GRC in Singapore. Today’s results of the Singapore general election showed the People’s action party continues to be the ruling group. On the other hand, their primary rival the workers party has made inroads into parliament. By claiming their second group representative constituency the first opposition party to do so since 1988. The Prime Minister in a speech that closed out the election stated the percentage was not as he expected. Still he was pleased with the results and that the people of Singapore understood the situation. He reaffirmed that he would use his mandate to address the coronavirus pandemic and the economic downturn responsibly.

GE 2020: PAP wins
GE 2020: PAP wins
Election results


The GE 2020 PAP wins was a great deal closer than the last election in 2015. At that time the People’s action party won the election by 69.9%. Basically, they lost six of the parliament seats that they had one five years ago.  Since Singapore’s Parliament only has 93 seats available this is a troubling development for the ruling party. Especially with their primary opposition having successfully one more representation in Parliament. The results of the various regional voting shows that it was not one specific region where PAP lost support.

Perhaps the best example of this would be the West Coast region where the GE 2020: PAP win by 51%. In the last general election in 2015 they won by 78%. While it is true this was the closest one now the election in Singapore the results were generally the same. The People’s action party has been losing the support of the Singapore people. The most likely cause is the economic downturn as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Since the pandemic has affected many of the industries that Singapore depended on an economic downturn has persisted. It comes as no surprise that in this time the workers party would gain support. The next few years will be critical if the PAP wishes to stay in power.

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