Google Meet to limit meetings to 60 minutes on free plans after September 30

Google Meet; the leading tech company Google’s video chat platform; has decided that post-September 30; the free versions of Google Meet will have a limit to all the meetings. No meeting will last over 60 minutes. 

Google Meet
Google Meet

A Google spokesperson; in an interview said that there is nothing that needs to be communicated about the promo changes or the expiration of certain advanced features. He further added that if that all there were any such changes; Google would officially release a statement.

Now on, owing to the new extension, anyone with a Google account would have access to creating free video call meetings; with up to 100 people; and will face no restrictions on the time limit.

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Furthermore, the deadline of September 30 is believed to also be applicable to other features; such as certain advanced features available for G Suite and G Suite Education users.

It is likely to include up to 250 participants in meetings; 100,000 people can live stream in a single domain; moreover, the possibility of saving meeting recordings to the drive feature of Google.

These services are typically exclusively available for people at G Suite’s “enterprise” level, which costs $25 (approximately Rs. 1,800) a month, per user.

Owing to the coronavirus pandemic; Google Meet and other similar video conferencing sites have been in a neck to neck competition with Zoom.

However, Google Meet returned in April with a total of 100 million daily participants.

Google back in the month of April; promised to its user’s unlimited-length meetings; on the video chat platform; Google Meet. This was applicable to all the users until September 30th, and the company has now decided to stick to the same.

The only drawback that this extension carries is that for many users who do not wish to upgrade to a paid meeting schedule; the deadline ensures that their phone calls will have to be reduced to 60 minutes or less.

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