Tenet Scales $280 Million at the Box Office Worldwide

Tenet; Christopher Nolan’s one of the greatest movies of all time; is believed to have grossed an estimated total of $283.2 million (approximately Rs. 2,080 crores) at the global box office.

Tenet Scales $280 Million at the Box Office Worldwide
Tenet Scales $280 Million at the Box Office Worldwide

The news was revealed post an estimated of $19.2 million (approximately Rs. 140 crores); was collected worldwide this weekend from 57 markets.

The movie surpassed $200 million two weekends ago; and $250 million last weekend.

Tenet, in the US, managed to secure a total of only $3.4 million (approximately Rs. 25 crores) this weekend;  Warner Bros. is facing a severely difficult time. A major reason for this is that the leading film markets (Los Angeles and New York) remain largely closed due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

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However, Tenet is seemed to have underperformed for a Christopher Nolan film. Owing to the pandemic, there is no box office background.

Furthermore, Tenet has 25 markets; including India; with no confirmed release date. The cinema halls and theatres in India are believed to remain closed until September 30; and there is still no official word as to whether they will be able to reopen in October.

IMAX, Nolan’s preferred film format, Tenet has done considerably well; contributing $27 million (approximately Rs. 200 crores) till date. This is likely to make up around 11.2 per cent of the overall box office of Tenet. In terms of screen count, IMAX is worth about 1–2 per cent.

Besides Tenet, Mulan; Disney’s animated live-action musical; has now grossed a total of $64.4 million (approximately Rs. 475 crores). With $40 million coming from China (that is Rs. 295 crores). However, Disney feels that Mulan has dramatically underperformed in China.

The New Mutants has now risen to $38.9 million (approximately Rs. 285 crores) globally, is well behind Tenet and Mulan.

With $18.6 million (approximately Rs. 135 crores) from the USA; the X-Men horror spin-off has survived. France ($2.8 million), Mexico ($2 million), the United Kingdom ($1.9 million), Spain ($1.3 million), and Germany ($1.1 million) are the other major film markets.

In China, The New Mutants open from October 22.

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