GOOGLE PIXEL BUDS are the moderate plugin devices from Google

Google recently launched its true wireless GOOGLE PIXEL BUDS. Post the launching in the US back in April they launched the device in Singapore last month. This device is the first wireless in-ear plugins from Google.

The earphones are available in only one color and are white with a pebble shape white case. Though other companies are already into making wireless Bluetooth devices Google seemed not to get the path earlier. It was only earlier this year they came up with the GOOGLE PIXEL BUDS.

Google launches its true wireless buds

The design is pretty impressive, thick, and fits ear. With the soft making of the buds, it gives a comfortable wear experience. These earbuds are lightweight and stylish. It does not feel heavy in the ear whereas some earbuds seem so.

Apart from the design GOOGLE PIXEL BUDS are running quite slow in the competition because of its connectivity issue. The earbuds take a longer period of time while connecting to any device. Though it supports all iOS and Android devices while connection to apple one needs to hold it’s back button for really long until it connects.

The Android user needs to download the Pixel Buds app to connect the device to their smartphone and usually, it takes time after flipping the earbuds case.

The buds come with 5.0 Bluetooth connectivity and 12mm drivers. These are splash proof but is not wearable in heavy rain. The battery back up is quite good, can live up to 24 hours if you don’t play music. With music playback, it gives a moderate 5 hours of battery life.

The device costs $269 and can be a moderate pick for the users.

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