Google to sweeten Fitbit concessions, heading for EU Approval. Last month, Google presented to limit the usage of Fitbit data for advertisements. This lubricant, when all manufacturers of wearables looking to link to Android devices. In addition to this, granting third party access to Fitbit users’ data with their permission.

Google to Sweeten Fitbit Concessions, Heading for EU Approval

The conglomeration got amended after the European Commission gathered responses from competitors and customers. Furthermore, this step of Google helped them in avoiding a possible EU charge sheet aspiring definite agitate. 

As performer reports, EU antitrust regulators have elongated their examination into Fitbit to December 23. Google announced the merger of Google and Fitbit’s hardware would uplift competition in the sector. The rivals of Google include Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, and others.

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Google said to sweeten Fitbit concessions.

About Google Fitbit:

Fitbit is an American electronic and fitness company. The main products of the company are activity-trackers, smartwatch, wearable technology devices, etc. The main function of this product includes the number of steps you walked, quality sleep, heart rate, steps climbed, etc. It was when Google announced the purchase of Fitbit for $2.1 billion.

Founded by James Park and Eric Friedman, it was founded in 2007. Moreover, to date, Fitbit managed to sell more than 100 million devices. Subsequently, Fitbit becomes the 5th largest wearable company after Xiaomi and Apple. 

The main motive of launching Fitbit was to increase physical activity. The increasing concern of people towards their health provided the idea to launch such a product that would monitor the physical activities of people. 


Fitbit received runner-up awards at TechCrunch50 in 2008. In the subsequent year, CES labelled it as “Innovation honoree” and “Best in the Health & Wellness category”. In addition to this, Fitbit earned 37th rank of 50 for most innovative companies in the year 2016. Furthermore, Fitbit managed to secure 46th rank in the Deloitte Fast 500 North America list.

EU launches Google Fitbit Investigation.