Given how popular the series is even now, GTA 6 always looked like a definite thing. Rockstar’s confirmation that it is developing the game came as no surprise, therefore. The bad news is that technically speaking, there hasn’t been much information released beyond the original comment.

Sadly, Rockstar experienced a significant leak after the announcement, with the footage of GTA 6’s development being leaked online in huge volumes. All of this footage has since removed, but not before it was posted on several well-known blogs and websites.

Despite the vast amount of information about GTA 6 found in the leaks, the final result is still unknown. The name of the protagonist (or protagonists) and a possible release date of 2024 are among the many unanswered questions surrounding this project.

Although we won’t be directly referring to the leaks here, here is all we currently know about GTA 6.

Release date for GTA 6: When will GTA 6 be available?

The GTA 6 release date hasn’t been specified and is probably still a few years off. GTA 6 will be released in “two years,” according to Rockstar sources, and will include a Latin female protagonist and be set in a Miami modeled after Vice City.

Are the most recent GTA 6 leaks precise?

One of the largest data breaches in history took place on September 18, 2022, causing the release of 90 movies and 53 minutes and 26 seconds of test video. Early test footage, as noticed by Bloomberg earlier that year, has the user playing both a male and female character as a member of the Bonnie and Clyde-like team Jason and Lucia. In one of the most notable videos, the user is shown controlling Jason as Lucia holds up a diner by herself. Other movies show Lucia waiting on a corner and watching the passing traffic as Jason enters a nightclub.

After the footage became widely known, the GTA 6 leaker was eventually arrested. According to the City Police, the 17-year-old suspect has now entered a “not guilty” plea to two counts of computer abuse charges, one of which is related to the GTA 6 leaks, as well as to two counts of violating his bail.

GTA 6 News: What do we know so far?

Despite the major setback, Rockstar has stated that even though it is “extremely disappointed” that early footage of the new sandbox game has leaked, production on “the next Grand Theft Auto” will go according to plan.

At the very least, GTA 6 has been actively being developed since Rockstar stated in a community update on February 4 that “active development for the next entry in the Grand Theft Auto series is well underway.” We can be confident that whatever it is, it will be “special.” Rockstar acknowledged that additional resources are being devoted to “the next entry in the Grand Theft Auto series” and that it wants to make sure the new game “exceed[s] players’ expectations” as part of the studio’s announcement that it was ending support for Red Dead Online.

Take-Two Interactive CEO Strauss Zelnick suggests that improved production tools and bigger teams might reduce the time between game releases in 2019 interview with Moreover, it may suggest that “games may be a little shorter” while still enjoying strong post-launch support.

Another reason the next GTA could be shorter is to lessen the pressure of timelines. A strategy that management presented for the upcoming game, a new installment in the Grand Theft Auto series, launch with a fairly sized release. By Rockstar’s standards would still be a big game, according to a report from Kotaku dated 2020. This might reduce pressure and tension, according to Kotaku. Employees at Rockstar are speaking out about the constructive adjustments the business is making in response to the criticism it got after the Red Dead Redemption 2 deadline. GTA 6’s release date not public yet, so it might still be years away.

GTA 6 Story Rumors: What do we know so far?

Tom Henderson discusses a few additional rumors that seem to correlate with some of the material from the leaks in his July 2021 video. This investigates the idea that GTA 6 set in current Vice City rather than the 1980s, as some believed. According to a recently leaked video of Jason entering a Vice City Metro train, this looks to be the case.

If the estimations from the GTA 6 leak were right, some fans speculate that Vice City and its surrounds in GTA 6 may be twice as large as Los Santos in GTA 5. Rumor has it that the campaign’s map will change as a result of the DLC, introducing new locations or modernizing those that already exist. As a result, the upcoming GTA Online mode could have an “evolving terrain” that changes with each update, much like how Fortnite’s map changes at the beginning of each new season.

Leaks enabled the discovery of the new playable female character, although there have been whispers about her for some time. While keeping a watch on some of the voice actors, GTA Forums fans with keen eyes have seen some indications. One performer, Natonia Monet, first lists a part as “Tamara” on her résumé while using the alias “Fireball.”

Although this page has since updated, one of their users points out that Pitbull from Miami and that the song “Fireball” bears his name. This noteworthy since the drug-filled beaches of 1980s Miami Vice served as the inspiration for the first GTA Vice City. The woman in the video turns out named Lucia, indicating that she might not be playing the main part.

We have X and Y, We need Z

Given that Dan Houser has described why women weren’t previously available characters in the GTA series, the inclusion of a female protagonist in GTA 6’s narrative makes sense. In a 2013 interview with The Guardian, he highlighted the reasons why a woman couldn’t a playable character in GTA V and how the development team may modify that in the future. “This time, we didn’t think too much about GTA V. But it doesn’t mean we couldn’t or wouldn’t. We just went with the characters that came to us; we didn’t try to follow a checklist or reason, “we have X and Y, thus we need Z.” That won’t produce anything fascinating or believable, in my opinion.

Could we perhaps do a game with a female protagonist in the future? Of course. It’s simply that we haven’t yet discovered the ideal game for it, but it’s something we frequently consider. The perfect game in the future with the proper themes may make it wonderful. But it didn’t feel natural for this one.

Gameplay of GTA 6: What do we currently know?

According to the leaks, there aren’t many gameplay differences between GTA 6 and GTA 5. The gamer shown holding up a café and shooting the prisoners in the back as they try to escape. In addition, we see Jason and Lucia driving one of the police cars at a high rate of speed around the block to avoid the cops. Jason also uses an assault rifle while standing outside of a moving vehicle.

Some unfinished test footage reveals further information on the movement mechanics, including a cover system, crouching, and crawling. The player character can use their hands or a weapon to cover their face from headshots.

Jason may seen using a new visual ability throughout portions of the video to look around a convenience store. Although it seems to function similarly to Deadeye from Red Dead Redemption. All we can presently see it do is alter the video’s color.

Among the driveable vehicles, you may expect to find automobiles and boats. While the Metro, previously mentioned, carries passengers across the city. Players may also adjust the angles of the seats, the steering wheel, and other controls in automobiles.

We have now finished discussing the GTA 6 rumors and assumptions. Before the sequel to one of the best PC games officially announced, it seems like there is still a lengthy wait. Check out our ranking of the best sandbox PC games if you want to try to satisfy your open-world hunger in the meanwhile.

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