Guide to Setting up WhatsApp Business in India


WhatsApp is a popular messaging app that has taken the world by storm. With over 1.5 billion active users in over 180 countries. It has become the go-to app for people to communicate with each other. In 2018, WhatsApp launched its another version, which is designed specifically for companies to interact with their customers. In this article, we will read about benefits, features, and how to get started.

What is WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp Business is a free messaging app that enables companies to communicate with their customers using the messaging service. The app provides companies with a verifiable business profile. It includes important information such as the company’s email, address, and website. This helps consumers to identify that they are chatting with a legitimate business and not a fake account.

It is built on top of the technology used by WhatsApp Messenger. Thus, it offers the same features, such as sending and receiving multimedia content, making free calls, and group chats. Additionally, the app provides businesses with tools designed specifically for them. It includes the ability to automate, sort, and respond to customer messages in real-time.


It offers several benefits to companies, including increased reach and the ability to engage with customers in real-time. With over 65% of customers talking to businesses through messaging apps like WhatsApp. Companies can tap into this massive potential and connect with their customers in a close and personal way.

The app also helps businesses to increase their customer satisfaction, as it enables companies to respond to customer queries and issues quickly and efficiently. For instance, Indonesian fashion retailer Sale Stock saw a 90% read rate for messages delivered using WhatsApp, which was nearly 2X higher than SMS. Indian online marketplace Shop Clues reported a 57% increase in new orders per message sent after integrating WhatsApp into their businesses.

Difference between WhatsApp for Business and WhatsApp Business API

For small businesses, WhatsApp Business is the ideal solution. However, for medium and large-sized businesses, WhatsApp Business API may be a better option. The API requires more technical work to set up. But it offers a higher degree of customization and integration with other business systems.

Steps to Create an Account

Creating a account is straightforward. There are two ways to set up an account – either through WhatsApp Business or WhatsApp Business API. Start using WhatsApp Business by downloading the app from the app store and establishing your profile. If you already using it on a personal basis, you can use the same phone for both WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Messenger. Each app will need its own unique phone number.

Using as a Marketing Tool

WhatsApp Business can be used as an effective marketing tool to reach out to customers and promote products and services. Companies can use the app to send customers reminders, promotions, and updates. They can also use it to provide customers with personalized service, such as offering product recommendations based on their previous purchases.

It is a powerful tool that can help companies to connect with their customers in a close and personal way. With its impressive reach and real-time communication capabilities, businesses can improve their customer satisfaction and increase their sales. Whether you are a small or a large corporation, it offers a solution that can meet your needs. So, go ahead and get started today!


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