WhatsApp Business Hits 15 Millions In India, 50 Million Globally

Whatsapp business hits 15 million in India, 50 million globally couple days ago revealed about this. Whatsapp business is flourishing now with the new features. During the lockdown period for COVID-19 pandemic, WhatsApp got almost 3 Million in every month from India.


New features In WhatsApp-

Whatsapp Business is a discoverable helping hand for people. On last Thursday WhatsApp also introduce some features in their platform. Such as starting a chat with a business using QR codes for scanning. After scanning it will open a chat with an optional pre-populated message created by the Business to start the conversation. The company, inform about the new feature with a blog a post. They further added that businesses can set custom welcoming messages. The company said they tested these features in Brazil already. It is very successful there.

Whatsapp also added another feature to enable the catalogues and product or services offered, that can be merchants shared as a link through Whatsapp chat or any social media.

Multiple businesses happened in Whatsapp account via interacting with customers.  Many service providers now switch their business in WhatsApp.  Now day’s ticket booking to confirmation everything going on WhatsApp. Even some of the private bank in India provided the WhatsApp bank services. This is very helpful for old age people.

Also, WhatsApp launched a new “Open for Business” sticker to packs and help people. It helps people to stay connected via thank you and get business done sticker. Over 400 million people in India use these stickers and also 2 billion users worldwide use these stickers. Hopefully, WhatsApp will launch more new features in the coming years.

In this lockdown period where people stuck into the house due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation mostly small scale business is affected. While some of the business are shifted in the WhatsApp medium.

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