Microsoft Teams Gets Together Mode, Dynamic View, and Mor

Microsoft teams

Microsoft is working on some giant update in its Microsoft Teams application ever since the pandemic of COVID-19. The Microsoft teams helps the people to conduct and attend the online meetings. As, in lockdown companies were conducting online meetings to assign work to employees and conduct meetings. So, the platform like Microsoft Teams, helped them so much.

Microsoft was working on to give some additional features to its users than the basic ones. So, it is introducing some latest features like together mode, dynamic view and more let’s discuss some of them.

Together mode

In this feature you can create your virtual live Avatar of yourself. Microsoft is using artificial intelligence to segment your face and your shoulders. And segments you and the other participants of the meeting together in a virtual space.

That space could be a meeting room, a coffee shop or even other places where you can have meeting. It is a fun feature. You can tap on other participants shoulder virtually and you can also do virtual high fives.

Together mode will be generally available to all the users by august.

Also, microsoft is bringing up the dynamic view for teams. It’s designed to allow people to dynamically share content with the co-participants side by side.

It is a very useful feature. While the meeting is going one and any body wants to send a photo or video to share with everybody. He or she can send it in the message and everybody can view it from there.

Microsoft is also providing some other updates like you can use the filters. It will help you to adjust the lighting for you.

It will also soon increase the number of participants limit and another amazing feature like translation of live captions into subtitles. So, that people can understand other languages.

You should try Microsoft teams if you haven’t tried yet.


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